Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Passporter Walt Disney World 2012 Review & Giveaway!

It is important to begin with WHAT a Passporter is because calling it a travel guide just does not do it justice.  A Passporter includes all the great information you may be looking for in a travel guide but it also has a unique organization and keepsake system.  It features really great planning checklists, worksheets, and the passpocket system is genius.

Passpockets are the yellow pocket pages that can be found in the back of your Passporter.  They give you space to write out all of your important confirmation information and plans.  Right off the bat you can see how helpful a day by day planner with all your dining, vacation, and flight information handy including not just confirmation numbers but times and plans.  Also, adding to the awesome and unique aspects of this guide you can slide maps and papers into the passpocket to store for that day (I stick my mouskeeping tip envelopes in here for each day before we leave and then replace them with receipts from each day).  And then (yes there is more) the back gives you space to do a quick journal (with guiding questions) of how your day went!

The best way to help you see is to show you.  I went to Walt Disney World three times last year and was able to utilize my Passporter for all 3 trips.  Check out some pictures from my 2011 Passporter below.

I am a veteran Passporter.  I have used the regular and deluxe versions, used them for approximately  a half dozen trips.  And I have used both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions.  The newest version for 2012 is the most fabulous.  Up to date information for attractions and rides as well as hotels, and the ability to update your Passporter by heading over to their fabulous website. Also on their site they have great forums- be sure to check them out!  I have literally made friends using the boards and they are an endless plethora of information.  Plus, authors Jennifer and Dave Marx frequent the board so you can often hear the information straight from them!

Bottomline: Once you try the Passporter you will agree it is the best way to start and end your days in Disney Parks. 

Are you curious? Or already hooked? Well, enter for your chance to win a copy of the Passporter Walt Disney World 2012 below! Thanks so much to our friends over at Passporter for sponsoring this contest and creating such a wonderful product! 

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