Sunday, June 9, 2024

90 Years of Donald Duck

One of Disney's most beloved characters is celebrating their 90th birthday….

Donald Duck!

Here’s a few fun facts about Donald for you:

  • Donald Duck made his film debut on June 9, 1934 when he co-started in the Silly Symphonies short “The Wise Little Hen.” This day is considered his "birthday"
  • There is a discrepancy on when Donald's birthday actually is.  In the film The Three Caballeros, Donald's birthday is said to be “Friday the 13th but In Donald’s Happy Birthday, his birthday is said to be March 13.
  • Donald’s full name is “Donald Fauntleroy Duck.
  • Donald is an American Pekin duck. 
  • The inspiration behind Donald Duck’s voice came about when Walt Disney first heard character voice actor Clarence Charles Nash doing his “duck voice” recitation of "Mary Had a Little Lamb".
  • Donald has a twin sister named Della. Her kids are Huey, Dewey and Louie who were made famous in "DuckTales."
  • Aasteroid #12410 discovered in September 1995 at Sormano Observatory, Como, Italy is named after Donald!
  • Donald was in a film that won an Oscar for best cartoon short. In 1943, Donald Duck appeared in Der Fuehrer’s Face, an anti-Nazi political satire short film.

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