Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Part 10 2007: Sea Raycers and the Coral Reef Diver Package

Today we got a wakeup call from Mickey and Stitch. Only we went back to sleep. Our intention was to get over to Magic Kingdom and do all the classic rides before lunch, then grab lunch there and head back to CBR to enjoy the marina before getting over the Epcot for our final dinner ADR at the Coral Reef. When we got up and got to planning our checkout we realized we could never squeeze in the O’Hana character breakfast we had originally planned for the next morning. With a heavy heart I called and canceled. I had, afterall, gotten to meet Stitch once already this trip and there would be future trips to go to O’Hana. So we made the decision to have a lunch Table Service at the Sci-Fi Dine-In in MGM which we just adored during our first trip. It was the best choice since mousekeeping had approved us checking out late (at 1:00pm free of charge). So we made a plan of action- get up and swim one last time, get ready for the day, pack, check out, lunch at Sci-Fi, MGM, back to CBR for Magical Express. 

After we got Saturday squared away it was time to enjoy Friday. We headed over to have breakfast, refill our mugs and get to Magic Kingdom. Rob was on a mission to find the Spectromagic soundtrack. We had seen a store on the left hand side of Main Street as you enter that said “Books, Movies, Records” or something like that so it was our first stop. We found the CD, bought it and found a great little secret about the Main Street shops- they all connect! We walked from this story all the way up through Casey’s got some more photopass pictures and headed into Fantasyland. We hit all the rides we had set out to do. We did Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World, Mickey’s Philharmagic, and then took in the atmosphere while snapping some more pictures. Our last little stop was lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. I totally prefer this over Pecos Bill even though it was the same food. Last year we sat by the robotics but this time we just say by the window with a sweet view of the castle. We both had burgers, carrot cake, and water bottles. Then off we went. 

Our plan: Sea Raycers! We decided to opt for 1 boat instead of splitting the time and getting two separate ones. Now, even though many people on the forums recommended splitting it up there were about 5 or 6 other people out so we knew we would hit the waves they were creating and the top speed wasn’t that high to begin with. We didn’t end up using the coupon for 30 minutes free with a 60 minute purchase because we were quite satisfied with our 45 minute ride and the CM at the marina only charged us for a half hour, which was an added bonus! It was great to see the resort from the view. You really got to take a look at the immenseness of CBR. There were 3 connecting Lakes… the one the marina was in, a small one off of it to the right where you could come up on one of the village beaches (Barbados, I think), and another big one under a bridge to the left where you could go far enough over that you could see the Pop Century bowling pins over the tree line and the unfinished section of Pop as well. It was a lot of water and we made our way back and forth and around and around following the Lifeguards instructions and taking pictures. What a fun way to spend an afternoon?!

We had a 5:00 ADR at Coral Reef and I was getting super excited for my little surprise! We made our way to the OPR bus stop and headed into Epcot. The bittersweetness of the end of vacation began to set in as we walked through Leave a Legacy towards the Seas. Rob snapped a few pictures and then I took over the camera as we headed into the Coral Reef. We were seated by the glass- as promised- and Rob and I were both incredibly impressed right off the bat. Now, there was some slight miscommunication I guess, but the woman I had been working with changed jobs so I am guessing that was it. We had personalized menus that said Happy Anniversary—our anniversary is July 5th so that isn’t too far off but I didn’t want words, just pictures so that was a little weird for me to have to explain. Our waiter had a note that we were on our honeymoon, which was also a little off since we weren’t married yet. Then, I see the diver come out, banner in hand and he goes to the other side of the restaurant! Then I heard someone read my banner out loud! I was so nervous Rob had heard but he didn’t so I said I needed to use the bathroom and was going to go ask someone who works there. Well- I went and told them about the sign instead and I was reassured all would be well.

Meanwhile, our waiter, Alejandro who was totally awesome had filled our wine glasses with Evian when we turned down wine and taken our orders: For Rob a Surf and Turf appetizer and the Salmon for an entrée, For me Crab Claw salad for appetizer and Mahi Mahi for entrée. Then, as our drinks had just come out the diver returned! He came right to our table, waved, and held up the sign! It was so precious! I loved it almost as much as Rob did! He had a waterproof sign that said “ Mel loves Rob!” And at the time I was able to set up all the surprises for free! The people around us oohed and ahhed and after the diver posed for a few pictures our waiter came over and took one of us. It was very special. 

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