Sunday, February 26, 2012

Part 8 2007: RIP Nikon Coolpix

Next we headed to Magic Kingdom and had about 2+ hours to go before Spectromagic started. Rob had this idea of trying to sit in the seating above the entrance to Magic Kingdom, in the train station. We headed right on up and low and behold there were already people waiting—however there was room for two, right down to two chairs almost dead center. We were thrilled. We settled into our little area, chatted with the family waiting next to us and relaxed as we watched the sun begin to set over Cinderella’s Castle. With about an hour to showtime I headed down and picked up mickey mouse ears for our nephews and niece, got them embroidered with names and snapped a couple pictures (including one of Lady and the Tramp’s footprints outside Tony’s). On the way back up I snacked two Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream bars. And Rob and I just sat, eating our ice cream and talking as day turned to night.

All in all, I try not to overdue it with information about the Magic Kingdom night shows. They are fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, and just Disney magic at its very best. Rob and I fell in love with Spectro this go around the way that we had with Wishes our first time. We got some great pictures, especially of the parade. Rob was also spot on with his seat choice and it was well worth the 2 hours of waiting. I loved watching the sunset from the train station and it was front row for the parade’s start. We literally had the very best seats in the house and I would recommend them to anyone. Wishes was postponed for about 15 minutes and didn’t start until around 10:20 but it was worth the wait as well, and once again it was amazing to see the castle, and main street and the crowds and everything from the view at the train station. Fantastic. 

After our wonderful Magic Kingdom afternoon and evening finally came to an end, “See what a little Wishing can do?”, we headed back to Martinique. We got back around 11:30 and decided to take another quick swim and then do a load of laundry. We were in and out of the pool and at the laundry room in about an hour and a half. Only after I put the laundry in the machine and poured the soap Rob realized that the change machine didn’t work. SO we had to wait 40 minutes while someone brought us change!
In any case, to make a long and dreadful story short, we washed and dried —only we headed back to our room while each was going on-- and on our way out of the laundry room after we’d put our load in the dryer Rob heard a loud clunk in our load. He then joked “Maybe it’s my camera.” Can you guess what it was? Yup. His camera. As our laundry dried he tried his best to dry the camera and get it functioning. He is a very mechanical guy and if it was going to work he would have gotten it to. Only it didn’t and he didn’t. We laughed it all off very quickly but were both a little nervous of losing the pictures already on his memory card. I called the front desk and found out that The Dark Room in MGM (our park for the next day) was the photo headquarters for the park and should be able to help. We went to sleep on a happy note talking about Magic Kingdom and the night shows and singing “On this magic night… a symphony of light…” lol-- just kidding (kinda).

So the late late late night with our camera disaster had taken a lot out of us so we slept in this morning. Similar to our Magic Kingdom day we took a quick morning swim, grabbed breakfast at OPR and with that memory card on our minds we headed to MGM. We pretty much made a beeline right for The Dark Room which was conveniently located as you enter the Studios on the right. So thanks to a magic man named Mark we were able to make 2 CDs that held the 200 pictures Rob had taken! And they were all there! And perfect! Yaaaayyyy!!!! It took about 20 minutes to make the CDs so we perused the map while we waiting. I also purchased a well over priced Memory Stick for my Sony camera.

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