Monday, February 27, 2012

Part 9 2007: May the Force be With You

With a huge sigh of relief and a big thank you we headed out of the shop to begin our MGM day around 12:30. We headed over to Star Tours to fastpass. Then we walked over to see One Man’s Dream which is one of our very favorite WDW attractions and I have to say that it is sadly unpopular.

We then headed over to Star Tours and on our way I overheard a CM telling a family that Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers would be out for pictures by the toy cart by Star Tours at 2:00pm. I made a mental note and we headed into the ride. As luck would have it we got out at around 1:50 and stopped and took a picture by the little rider thing from the Star Wars movie with the Ewoks. A man cut everyone in line so his son could get a picture on it and it was funny because me and Rob didn’t even have to say something because some mom from another family totally reamed him. Disney World or not he deserved it. We walked about 10 seconds over and hopped in the Darth/Troopers line and ended up being first when the family in front of us left. 

After our pictures we headed over to a bench near the route for Stars and Motor Cars and I got a frozen lemonade and Rob a beer and we sat in the shade and sipped while waiting. Once the crowds began to form we stepped up to another amazing spot for parade viewing. It just happen to turn out that the sky was cloudless and the sun unrelenting so we were literally standing in a concrete dessert at this point. Rob got a light sunburn just from holding up the camera. We got some more amazing pictures! I loved the parade so much! It was adorable! I have not enjoyed any of the Pixar parades quite as much as this one.  I especially love the last car! 

Since we had eaten a late breakfast and were having an early dinner we skipped lunch and headed across the street into some shade to reapply our suntan lotion and take a break from the heat. We then jumped into Sounds Dangerous… which was too long and a little short of fun so Rob and I entertained ourselves. When it was in the pitch black time, he turned his cell phone keypad on and lit up his face while making faces. I know, we are immature but it was long and boring. Haha! Anyways, afterwards we headed over to the Streets of America and took some pictures. Then, we spotted some cool cars—and not just Herbie! We bypassed the Mater and Lightening Lines by photobombing (before it was cool)! 

After a quick bathroom break we headed to Toy Story Pizza Planet arcade because one of my favorite things is when Rob wins me crane machine toys. They were stocked impossible and we gave up fairly quickly. But off we went for our Mama Melrose’s for our Fantasmic Dining Package dinner. It was really good. My salad had some weird spice that tasted like an aperitif but I got some creamy pasta and Rob had something that I can’t really remember right now. The highlight of dinner was the to-die-for cheesecake we both had for dessert! Fabulous! After dinner, since Rob wanted to skip the thrills rides this time anyhow, we headed back to CBR for a break before Fantasmic. 

We did a little more swimming, and the cutest baby was in the pool with his gorgeous parents. Then in about 20 minutes the pool got packed more than it had been the entire trip. Before heading back to meet the rest of the FDPers at Oscars we freshened up in our room and headed to the Hollywood Hills Theatre to see the night show. While we were waiting to enter the gate I got this adorable choker with my name on it and little mickeys. Fantasmic was Fantastic as usual, and again I don’t like to give away too many details because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. Just trust me- go see it! I believe a little more in the power of my own imagination everytime I see this show! Sooo much fun!

And to add a little more magic to the night we decided to take our time leaving MGM and for the first time I got to see the Sorcerer’s hat at night. It was really amazing. The last time we went was January so the show was earlier I guess or something because we saw Fantasmic but never were in MGM when the hat was all lit up. Or maybe we exited the show a different way or something—I don’t know what the reason was but it was really amazing to see! So beautiful! And the Photopass photog took some great pictures for us.

Slowly but surely we made our way back to the bus stop area and got back to Caribbean Beach. We leisurely walked back to our room and we ended another great day in Walt Disney World by staying up talking and going over the days events. Watching the videos we had taken on the digital camera and reliving the day. It was a really great feeling just being there and being happy and being together. 

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