Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hollywood Studios may not be my favorite park of the 4 parks in Disney World but it sure offers a lot to see and do and so many things that hold a special place in my heart.  I love how the entrance at California Adventure is so similar to the one here and I love how the Mickey atop the crossroads stands out in this picture.  Even when the sun is in the wrong spot some great photos are to be had here.

PHOTO TIP: Be aware of where the sun is.  If I had tried to take a picture of people right here it would have been horrendous.  Sometimes, though, you can use the shadowy effect of the sun's angle to make nice silhouettes.


  1. I agree! And definitely not my favorite.. People say Animal Kingdom is a half day park.. this one is a morning only park for us!

  2. Agreed! We know what we like, hit it and are on our merry way. I am hoping that SWW help me enjoy a little more since I am on a mission to find an Ewok plushie! lol!