Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Part 2 2007: CRT & CBR

It was now around 5:00 and our blood sugar was plummeting having had lunch around noon and been out playing in the park all day. We stepped outside and noticed that there was no wait for Mickey’s Philharmagic! That show is amazing so without hesitation in we went. I think my favorite part this time was Aladdin. I love that one so much and even though we have been there over and over I feel like I still always get startled when the bottles pop at the end of “Be Our Guest”. We lingered in the shop for a few minutes and then just decided to wait it out over at Cinderella’s Royal Table where we would be having dinner.  We snapped a few pics at the fountain and headed in.  

When we first entered, Cinderella was out at tea and would be back for our pictures in a few minutes so we took some pictures and chilled out in the air conditioning. When she did return we were after only one family and got our official CRT pictures taken. Afterwards, we were given the a-ok to head up the stairs to the restaurant. We were greeted with a “Good evening Sir! Good evening Milady!” and Rob was given a Prince sword, and myself a Princess wand. We were seated by the window and had a fantastic view of Fantasyland. Our waitress was great, the food was phenomenal and I can’t even begin to describe the magic of our meal. Well, little did we know that who should come out with the Fairy Godmother but Suzy and Perla! I had no idea we would get to meet characters besides Cindy! It made a perfect dinner even BETTER! So amazing!

After dinner we ended our first day in Magic Kingdom. We were in the vacation spirit, had a perfect experience and decided to check out our room. We were in Martinique, since we had paid for preferred. Our room was 2629 and it was awesome. I had requested a corner room since I read they were slightly bigger and had two windows. We got just that. But it was an inner corner room so we had a nice courtyard view. We also were so close to the main building, called Old Port Royale and the main pool that we used their bus stop daily instead of the Martinique village bus stop. It was a perfect location. Once we entered the room the first thing I noticed was TOWEL ANIMALS! Our mouskeeper had left us an Octopus and a Hippo. Plus, our luggage was waiting for us from Magical Express AND the basket I had ordered to surprise Rob had been delivered. Everything looked perfect. We checked everything out, opened our luggage and unpacked a little. 

It was getting even more fabulous. Since I had had refill mugs put in our basket we headed over to fill ‘em up. After a nice stroll to Old Port Royale and back we decided to throw on our bathing suits and go for a night swim (it was around 11:00pm by now). There were very few people at the main pool and the Banana Cabana pool bar seemed to be hoppin. We relaxed in the pool for a while before heading back to the room to call it a night. What started out as a hectic, crazy, stressed out New York early morning—had turned into a fun, fantastic and magical Orlando late night.

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