Friday, October 31, 2014

A Halloween Story

Before our huge family trip to Disney for Thanksgiving, I tried to convince my son Logan to dress up as Peter Pan or Captain Hook for Halloween.  I figured it would get him psyched up for vacation and he could take the costume with him to wear at the Magic Kingdom.  Disney and Halloween are the perfect match after all.  They are made for each other.  Endless characters to choose from and exotic costumes to conjure up from your wildest imagination! 

Logan chose Iron Man instead.  It was a great costume and he had a blast pretending to be Tony Stark.  
Iron Man

Then.... we got to Disney.  

Then.... he rode the Peter Pan ride.  

Then.... he became obsessed!

It happens to the best of us.  The Disney bug!   

A year later and the obsession is in full swing.  

Peter looking for his shadow!
Happy Halloween from our little piece of Neverland to yours. 
May you never grow up and stop wanting to dress up!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party: Boo To You Halloween Parade

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is definitely an event that can't be missed. Being able to dress up in your favorite costume inside the Magic Kingdom and Trick or Treating around the park aren't the only perks to joining in on the Halloween Fun.

The park begins clearing out daytime guests of the Magic Kingdom at 4:00pm. Guests who have purchased tickets for the night time event are also allowed to start waltzing in at this time. At the gate, you are given a paper wrist band that allows for Cast Members to tell who is part of the party and who is a daytime guest.

One of the highlights of this hard ticket event is the evening parade called Boo To You Halloween Parade. They offer it twice during the event (unless there is rain or unseen circumstances) and guests may even catch a glimpse of the Headless Horseman himself ride down Main Street, ceremoniously leading the charge for the parade to begin. In my opinion, this is one of the best parades you will see in Walt Disney World. EVERYONE you could think of from Pirates, Ghouls, Cowboys, and Villains come out to join in on the celebration.

Check out some of the great pictures below of Boo To You Halloween Parade.
(Circa 2012)

Christopher Robin!!!!!!!!!

Enter the PIRATES!!!!!!!

I had heard prior to attending that some of the residents of the Haunted Mansion
come out to join in on the Halloween Fun....but I truly had no idea how awesome
they would truly be.

And what would Halloween be without CANDY?!
They pass out candy during the parade to the children that are closest
 to the parade route.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Roll Call: Michele!

Hi everyone:
I'm Michele and my love of everything Disney began on the couch!  I grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney back in the 70's.  Before cable and VCR's came around this was the only way to get your Disney fix.  Disney sparked my imagination on Sunday nights.  I could not wait to see what would be on each week!  Just the sight of spunky little Tinkerbell flying around the screen with her wand instantly helped fend off any lurking Sunday night blues.  These days I am happily introducing a love of Disney to my seven year old son.  We took Logan to Disney for the first time over Thanksgiving with my entire family.  What a blast! Twenty six happy, Disney loving enthusiasts including four first timers!  

I can't wait to start swapping Disney stories with you all.  By the way I have never outgrown my Sunday night blues.  Good thing I have Once Upon a Time to get me motivated for the work week!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Story Time with Princess Sofia

I'm a firm believer in few things being better than little ones showing enormous enthusiasm for reading. Maybe it's because she got to stay up a few minutes past bedtime or maybe it's because it was a (few) Sofia the First book(s). Either way it was such a joy to see (and hear) story time being accomplished.


Last night we set the mood with Tom Ameen's Magical Moments 2  while my personal story teller donned her princess jammies and tackled the entire Sofia Boxed Set that came in.


 The set is recommended for ages 3-5 (Pre-1/Kindergarten). 160 pages all together filled with vocabulary building fun, cute pictures gallore, and a princess certificate as the goal for reading all the books, all available for $9.99.                          


After story time was over, I was asked for a single request to keep Tom Ameen's "You Can Fly" on repeat until Princess Storytime fell asleep. . .  it didn't take long. She was off to Neverland thinking of mermaid lagoons underneath a magic moon before the first play was even over.  :)

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