Sunday, February 26, 2012

Part 7 2007: Parades, Pilots, and Pork Shao Mai

We made it to Magic Kingdom very refreshed around noon. As soon as we came in we got a fresh photopass picture and he kindly took one with our camera as well! Then we headed to accomplish our goals of the day: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean and lunch at Pecos Bill. So we headed over to Frontierland and I hopped on the 40 minute line for Splash Mountain , while Rob grabbed us fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We luckily were able to ride one right after the other in the unrelenting heat. I decided to wear my poncho on SM, (we were drenched head to toe last time and we hadn’t planned to return to the room until pretty late that night). It was so funny, the CM getting us on the ride yelled at me and told me that I was a cheater when he saw me put the poncho on. It was cute. I love both SM and BTMRR so it was very exciting. Next we headed over to Pecos Bill for lunch— Rob loves their burgers and it was delish.

In any case, after lunch we waited about 25 minutes for Pirates of the Caribbean which was pretty darn cool to see updated with Jack Sparrow for the first time. On our way out of Adventureland we came upon the end of the Share a Dream Come True parade! This was great timing! We weren’t planning on seeing this at all this time around since we had a great spot our first trip and it hadn’t changed at all that much! It was just great and perfect timing. We stopped to take some pictures before heading over the monorail to get on over to Epcot for dinner.

So, after a bit of back and forth arguing over who would ask the driver Rob asked if there was room for us to sit up front on the monorail and there was! Us and a couple on their honeymoon sat up front and even though it started to sun shower it was so awesome! We took some pictures and it was just fun and happy! And miraculously by the time we got to Epcot the rain had ceased! AND we got awesome Monorail Co-Pilots licenses from the driver on our way off! This was such a cool surprise! Neither of us had any idea they did this but it was so rewarding and great!

Since we had some time before dinner we headed over to Club Cool again, because frankly we were thirsty and out of water and we thought it was pretty dope! Then since it wasn’t looking so crowded we headed over to Mission: Space. The Green team had a no wait so we hopped on. Afterwards we headed over to China for our ADR at Nine Dragons! We decided that China was great to try once, but we would probably leave it to a Counter Service if we every returned. Rob and I had a double appetizer sampler that was fried dumplings, shrimp spring roll, and Pork Shao Mai or something like that. We then both had honey-sesame chicken which was like the gourmet version of regular fast food Chinese food you could get anywhere. After dinner off we went to re-board the monorail. But first we rode my favorite one more time: Gran Fiesta Tour! 

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