"Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language."
-Walt Disney

About Picturing Disney

Picturing Disney is my way of keeping the Disney magic alive at home one snapshot at a time.  We are committed to bringing the best of Disney Style and Park Must Haves to our readers thanks to collaborations, press releases, and reviews. 

While we are only amateur photographers thanks to our phones we always have a camera close at hand.  Since Disney is one of our favorite places to take pictures creating a Disney photoblog felt like a no-brainer! We love taking pictures at Walt Disney World because there just seems to be a little bit of magic in every shot! 

Picturing Disney also features some of our favorite tips and ideas for planning your own adventures and enjoying every minute of your trip. You will find lots of info and tips for everyone living a Disney driven life and every post will be filled with bright and colorful pictures! The one thing you will NOT find is regurgitated news and facts that can already be found on the amazing Disney Parks websites! (You can look at/tour hotels, check out parks/attractions, and read restaurant overviews/menus right on the official site!) We work hard and since this blog is really a love letter to Disney World you will see that everything we post comes from the heart!

We hope you enjoy the ride and that everyone reading this right now knows how much we appreciate the love and support!

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 About Melissa

 Melissa is a lifelong lover of fairytales and a hopeful romantic.  She believes in karma, and that love can change the world.  Perpetually happy and always looking for the silver lining, Melissa loves sharing her photos because whether through her own eyes or her camera lens there is always something new to discover in this beautiful world.  Melissa loves to travel and explore new places- her favorite place she has ever visited was Urquhart Castle in Scotland because you could feel the magic and history there.  When she isn't vacation scheming or teaching World History in New York, Melissa loves art and music and spending time with all the beautiful, brave people in her life.  

About Monique
Monique, is a Disney-loving, twenty-something that has been a fan of the magic since she could remember. She confesses that her husband, Gus, is the WALL•E to her EVE. Monique loves sharing her knowledge of Disney Parks, Disney History, and just about anything the light touches in Disney's Kingdom.  She currently juggles working in health benefits and making dreams a reality through her custom event stationary company Only One Mark, Inc
About Contributors
Amanda is the Director of Sales & Training at It's All About the Mouse Travel.  She has visited Walt Disney World over a dozen times, in all four seasons, with stays at all resort levels. She and her family have also dined in countless resort and theme park restaurants and attended nearly all seasonal special events.  For Amanda, there is nothing more rewarding than ensuring each and every client has a magical Disney vacation!   

Vanessa is a history buff with a dream to work in the Archive Department at Walt Disney Studios. She earned her ears back in 2009 as a Disney College Program Student, and continued working for the mouse until April of 2013 (university duties called). She returns to WDW several times a year to ensure all the tips and tricks she's learned along the way are still up to date. She loves nothing more than capturing and sharing special moments with family, friends, and strangers who aren't friends yet with her freelance photography: Still Ness.

Judy is a Disney enthusiast who has been visiting Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando from the age of 5 and still visits frequently at the age of 45. This year she made her first trips to Disneyland in Paris and California. She is a registered nurse who recently started an independent book publishing company, Center Rock Publishing, specializing in Children’s Picture Books. She tries to live by the advice of the blue fairy "Always let your conscience by your guide."

 Carol is a Disney addict who just happened to marry to a professional photographer who also loves Disney. They have one daughter who is attending college at the University of Alabama. Carol is a registered nurse and has practiced for 27 years! Her husband has his own business and also works as a staff photographer at a community college. They live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Carol's first trip to Disney was as a college student and she knew she  was hooked! It was years before she made it back but now she goes as often as she can.

Valerie is a mom, elementary school teacher and Disney junkie.  She and her two sons love to spend time at WDW, trying to make a family trip once a year and to Night of Joy with their church group every September.  When she is not dreaming of Disney, she can be found at the beach or at her sons’ sporting events.

Michele's love of everything Disney began on the couch!  She grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney back in the 70's.  Disney sparked her imagination on Sunday nights.  Just the sight of spunky little Tinkerbell flying around the screen with her wand instantly helped fend off any lurking Sunday night blues.  These days she is happily introducing a love of Disney to her son!  

About Photography

All pictures, except where otherwise noted were taken by me (or my writers)! Please do not reuse images without giving credit to me and/or my site.  You may not alter them in any way without permission as well! All images and content on Picturing Disney is copyrighted (see below).  
Although some of my pictures were taken with older model compact digital cameras including Fuji Finepix, Cannon Powershot, as well as Nikon and Sony cameras I currently primarily use two cameras:
(Many images also from my cell phone- currently iPhone6s.)
If you are interested in knowing which camera (and in the case of the Sony lens or filter) or setting was used feel free to email or comment! :)