Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Part 11 2007: Sci Fi Goodbyes

When we said our Goodbyes to Epcot and headed back to CBR we realized it was only around 8:00 and we were not feeling an evening swim to end the night. Rob suggested- “How about we go to Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours, leave the backpack and cameras here in the room and just enjoy Spectro and Wishes and the park for a while. It was a perfect idea.” We freshened up and headed back to the buses. When we got into Magic Kingdom we were given Mickey Mouse stickers upon entering for no apparent reason at all and I made Rob store them in his wallet so I could save them for my scrapbook. Lucky for us, smack in the middle of the hub, right next to the handicapped seating there was not yet a huge crowd. Apparently people thought that they were going to be able to stand in front of the ropes and were being moved, we shimmied right in, right up to the front of the rope line and had found ourselves perfect spots once again.
We watched the parade, and then the fireworks and really just enjoyed it fully not worrying about getting a great shot or if someone behind me, or carrying the backpack, or anything. Just me, Rob and some Disney magic. It was great. As the fireworks wound down we found a bench and had a seat while we waited for the crowds to part before continuing around the park. On our way around we got EMH wristbands and around midnight we headed towards Fantasyland. We rode It’s a Small World and some other classic favorites one last time. And when it was time to go, it didn’t seem so sad and bittersweet and I bid my favorite place in the world goodbye as we headed back to room 2629 in the Caribbean Beach Resort for our last night in paradise.

We checked out rather easily the next morning and I picked up some fresh maps for my scrapbook. Then Rob checked his carryon with Bell Services for the time being so we could head over to MGM for our lunch date. We walked over to the Barbados bus stop and waited for a bus to MGM for our last park experience before flying back to New York. Isn’t if funny how we miss people and pets? I didn’t miss our pup Liam the entire trip as much as I did that last day when I knew we were going home to him.

In any case we had plenty of time to make our ADR as it wasn’t until 2:30 and we had time to leisurely walk through MGM one last time, stopping to take some more pictures ourselves and by the Photopass photogs. We had a fabulous time (have I said fabulous too much in this TR?) at Sci-Fi and since we had a great experience the first time we didn’t expect anything less. I love the 50s diner feel mixed with that classic drive in feel mixed with the old science fiction movie motif…. It’s a wonderfully put together combination and as always Disney has perfected the art of making you feel like you are outside even when you are inside (like that of Pirates of the Caribbean and Mexico Pavillion). We started with salads, Rob had a burger and I had a sandwich with milkshakes to drink, and we finished with this adorable cheesecake decorated with m&ms and carmel popcorn. Our waitress was fun and adorable and she even took a picture for us.

After our grand finale meal we headed out, only to realize we had hung out at Sci-Fi for long enough that we had a perfect amount of time to get back to CBR for one more mug refill at Old Port Royale before heading to catch our Magical Express bus. So, that is just what we did. Our last 2007 refill mug refills, Rob got some apple juice and I got some lemonade. Mugs in hand and hand-in-hand we headed for the OPR bus stop one last time to get the internal shuttle back to the Custom House. We got there, grabbed a seat by the TV that played Mickey Mouse cartoons 24/7 and then got our bag from Bell Services. We sat for about ten minutes before the bus pulled up and off we went. 

It was really awesome to watch the sun go down on a plane and as we departed at about 8:00pm we settled into our seats with our headphones and flipped on some movies (I watched Elvis Presley’s Speedway then half of Legally Blonde and Rob watched The Last Samurai). Before we knew it we were back in New York. One thing about good ‘ol New York is that no matter how I come and go or how much I think I change, its always there to lean on- always the same New York. And when we got off the plane my parents smiles were there to greet us. If only you had been a fly on the window of the car during that car ride—you would have gotten the condensed version of this very same story.

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