Friday, March 27, 2015

Disney Store is Celebrating 28 Magical Years

I think we can all safely say that when we need a taste of magic, we can all count on a trip to the Disney Store to grant us a mouthful. As it turns out, Disney Store will be Celebrating its 28th Anniversary on March 28th! To celebrate, there will be a special one-day savings online and in-store.*

Each store will host a special opening ceremony and if you are part of the first 28 guests to make a purchase, you will receive a free gift. Throughout the day, Cast Members will be on hand to share in engaging activities and the 28th minute of every hour, prepare for the Cast Member JAMboree. 

Here are the specs on what to expect for the celebration:

28th ANNIVERSARY – Saturday, March 28, 2015

  • Special opening ceremony**
  • 28 great gifts, one for each of the first 28 guests who make a purchase in each local store**
  • 28th minute of every hour, dance and sing during the Cast Member JAMboree
  • Additional free activities offered throughout the day
  • Special one-day savings online and in-store

  • Disney Store locations nationwide and online at

*Some exclusions apply. See Store for details.

**Contact your local store for operating hours.

To find a local Disney Store, guests can visit or call (866) 902-2798. For more information, please visit www.disneyconsumerproducts.comGuests can also sign up for email alerts at, become a fan on Facebook or follow Disney Store on Twitter to stay connected to your favorite destination.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

All Star Music Resort

Upon arriving to the security gate of the All Star Resorts in Walt Disney World, I felt a twinge of excitement. We (my husband, Gus, and I) have only stayed on-site once. We've always passed by the huge marquees of other resorts, but had never gotten to enjoy them...until now.

Some of you may already know, but the All Star Resorts are made up of four neighboring resorts. You have:
  • Disney's All Star Music Resort
  • Disney's All Star Sports Resort
  • Disney's All Star Movies Resort
  • Disney's Pop Century Resort
Now these four resorts make up Walt Disney World's "Value Resorts". A Value Resort is the lowest resort type Walt Disney World offers. Art of Animation is considered a "Value Plus" as its amenities and rooms allow for a more "comfortable stay".

Upon arriving to the security gate, we were kindly greeted by the security guard and allowed in. We drove up and unloaded our car. After a cast member took our luggage and stored it in luggage storage, due to the fact that we were quite early for our check in time, we walked in and were surprised. There was still Christmas decorations and music filling the space with holiday cheer. We excitedly got to the check in desk to find out our room was ready for us. As we already had our magic bands with us, we took our car, parked, and walked up to our room. As we got our first view of the resort, our immediate attention went to the huge guitar-shaped pool. In the middle were some of our favorite characters: Donald Duck,  José Carioca, and Panchito from the animated short film, The Three Caballeros.

The Value Resorts are known for their oversized, larger than life decor outside and their over the top theming inside. There are five different musically themed sections that one can stay at at the All Star Music Resort:
  • Calypso - Tropical styled music fills the air as bright bold colors pop out at you. Bongos and xylophones are the oversized icons you'll find. This area is considered the "Preferred" area being the closest to All Star Music's Main Hub. 
  • Jazz Inn - Reminders of New Orleans and smooth jazz music fills the air. A small rose garden in the middle gives a small hideaway for those who want to disconnect. 
  • Rock Inn - There was definitely a cool vibe in the air. Guitars and Amps will be the oversized icons for this area.
  • Country Fair - This area will definitely remind anyone of country style music. Huge western boots will surely remind you where you are.
  • Broadway Hotel - The Big White Way is greatly represented here. With it's enormous show marquees, how couldn't you be mistaken that you weren't in New York?! ( My only critique is that they still need to add in the Aladdin Marquee...I'm just sayin...)
We stayed in a Calypso building, with a view looking out to the pool. Our room had a King size bed, small fridge, microwave, and flat screen television. The bathroom was wheelchair accessible, so it didn't have a tub...but it made for a ton of space to shower (which had a removable shower head).

This bed was really comfy.

Overall, for its value, we had a great time at the resort. For more images from the resort, check out the photos below.

Have you stayed at the All Star Music Resort? How was your experience?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stirring up conversation with Disney Dinnerware

Recently a few of our writers returned from amazing adventures in Disney World.  A common thing that everyone has struggled with upon return is missing the "Disney Magic".  Getting into the swing of the daily grind after a Disney adventure can be rough!

One thing that everyone agrees on is that finding ways to keep the Magic alive at home is part of the fun!

One way that we keep the Disney Magic alive at home is by incorporating Disney dinnerware into our meals.  The last time we were at Disney we picked up some dinner plates that would be fun for our son to use at home and snuck them home in our luggage.  For Christmas he received an Animal Kingdom plate from Santa and for his birthday Belle sent him Be Our Guest dessert plates.  Aside from being fun to look at, the plates bring back memories from Disney that stir up dinner conversation.  It's fun for everyone to remember the magical moments and conversations spark about our next Disney adventure.

A special package from Belle

I am wondering which Disney pieces are going to stow away in my luggage on the way back from our next trip in April.  On this trip I am going to get a few pieces for myself.  Every time I go to England in Epcot I eye the Alice in Wonderland tea set but find an excuse not to bring it home.  The new Starbucks tumblers and mugs are also high on my wish list.
Do you have any favorite pieces to recommend?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party - Holy Moly!

OK - I was a bit skeptical. I really like watching the fireworks from the ground. I honestly thought "Why pay extra for dessert and fireworks when I can get dessert all over Disney and the fireworks are free?" Here's why:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avengers Assemble! For reading time.

Hey there, hi there, ho there, Wonderful World of Disney readers!

How many of you have to convince the 6 year olds in your life that reading is just as much, if not more fun than playing with their Wii? Especially when it had anything to do with homework. . . .It seemed for a while like the evenings have been filled with little groans and complaints when it came to assigned reading time; and my nephew (who I'll always refer to as "Thor" because that's who he was for Halloween) is not the type to keep his sentiments on the matter a secret. Just about everyday after school he'd breeze through his homework sheets, but getting that reading log filled out was like pulling teeth and there was always some excuse as to why it wasn't done yet.
We experimented for the first half of the school year with various books, especially all the kid friendly classics but he just couldn't immerse himself in the story. It was finally when I got the latest shipment of books from Disney Publishing that it dawned on me he just  needed something "awesome" to catch his attention. We read three books that night, and the reading log was complete before I had a chance to ask him when he was going to work on it and the Little Wrestler made a guest appearance after homework time to let us know what really happened.  

"Don't shake him! He's going to get maaad!"

"Itoldyou! HULK MAD! HULK SMASH!!"

"I never heard of this guy before. I wonder how cool he is?"
 "And Falcon and Captain America are best friends, they are bruders."

"Mommy says we're not allowed to act like the Hulk, we have to use our words."
"Is the hulk a ninja? Because he knows what to do with his temper?"

"Thor has to win! That hammer is like a hundred pounds, it's really heavy." 

Shake to Assemble written and illustrated by Calliope Glass and Richard Isanove; Ron Lim will be available from Marvel Press on March 31,2015! 
(Check back soon for a link!)

This is Falcon written and illustrated by Clarissa S. Wong and Ron Lim; Rachelle Rosenberg is 32 pages of awesome that dives into the importance of working hard for your dreams.

This is Hulk  is brought to you by the Marvel Book Group and it includes 32 pages of great character development that most people tend to overlook or forget when it comes to the Hulk.

I have a feeling there's going to be a bunch of Marvel additions in our bookshelves this year, and I seriously can't wait!

See you real soon,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LeSportsac Spring 2015 Collection Preview: Disney's Cinderella

In celebration of the March 13th release of Disney's latest live action film, Cinderella, LeSportsac has come out with a gorgeous new design and collection. If you follow LeSportsac on social media, you will remember that there was a teaser posted for the new line last month.

Social Media went all a flutter at this gorgeous watercolor, styled portrait of the famous fairy tale princess. Its defined color scheme and soft touches create the perfect design to celebrate Disney's latest release.

Last week we were treated to the images of the full collection through LeSportsac's Le Blog. As we are huge fans of the LeSportsac brand (check out our reviews on their prior Disney themed collections here and here), I couldn't help but showcase the designs for the collection here on our blog.

Hailey Tote in A Moment of Magic

The first piece from the collection is their Hailey Tote in A Moment of Magic showcases the teased artwork on the front and the iconic glass slipper on the back.

Rectangular Cosmetic in Once Upon a Moment
and Medium Dome Cosmetic in It Was Like a Dream

Who doesn't love a gorgeously design makeup bag?! It can also be used for hygiene products as well. I especially love the font of the Once Upon a Moment Rectangular Cosmetic bag. It is the perfect abstract design to represent Cinderella's iconic footwear.  

As our post comes to an end, I just had to show you my absolute favorite piece of the collection!!

Print and Trim Details

The print used for the this part of the collection is called Fairy Tale Moment. It highlights the romantic, iconic moments of the film. Specifically, the design is inpired by Cinderella's magical ball gown and features silver glitter accents and trim woven with silver Lurex to mimic the wonderous magic of Cinderella's Fairy God Mother. The design will be available in thirteen of  LeSportsac's classic bag designs. I personally cannot wait to see the Large Weekender and the Deluxe Everyday Bag in person. 

The collection will be available at and LeSportsac Boutiques beginning in late March. What is your favorite design from the collection? Will you be taking one of these lovely bags to the ball (or maybe the Disney Parks)?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disney's Cinderella - A Dream Come True Review

As some of you may already know, there has been a lot buzz about a film based on a Classic Animated Disney Feature. Its no surprise that Disney's Cinderella has made box office gold. Not only has the fashion world gotten into the hype (see Cinderella's shoes debut at Saks in New York here), but the media has been all a flutter with praises for the film.

We definitely were out past midnight for our showing of Cinderella.
Going into our local movie theater, I will say that I did my very best not to get overly excited about this film. I hadn't looked at many of the slowly released film clips nor did I look into more information about the film and its producers. The only information I had to go on was that of the Disney Studios Live Action Panel at the 2013 D23 Convention. They truly kept things tight lipped. We were treated to a video of Kenneth Branagh, the director of the film, detailing some costume choices as well as the overall look and feel of the film. He also expressed his joy in the choice of Lily James, who played Cinderella. We also got to preview the teaser "slipper" trailer.

Upon arriving to the theater, the room was packed. Not even the floor seats were available. Gus, my husband, and I hunted down some seats, with the help of theater staff, in time to settle down and watch the film. From beginning to end, the film felt like Disney had somehow captured the real story of Cinderella in a bottle. You are transported to a distant land where magic lives in small doses. Fairy Godmothers are real and dreams do come true.

Each actor fit perfectly in their roles and the overall feel of the film was deep in rich details. I couldn't help but get excited when I saw small homages to the Animated Classic created by camera paneling and small shots that mirrored the film exactly. I was also surprised to see a nod to the original tale recorded by the Grimm Brothers. At the very beginning, while her new step sisters ask for lavish gifts from his travels, Cinderella asks for a small token. The first branch that would knock his hat off on his way home.

Truly, the film was a story book masterpiece and I absolutely believe that Disney and all involved made sure to think each detail through.

As an added bonus, check out the side by side trailer created for the film and its animated counterpart.

Look out for my Frozen Fever review!! Until next time, have you seen Disney's Cinderella yet? What did you think of the live action retelling of this classic animated film?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cinderella's Shoes Come to Life at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York

Lily James and Richard Madden, Stars of Disney's Cinderella
Photo by Diane Bondareff/ Invision for Disney Consumer Products/AP Images

On Monday, the internet blew up when news that the stars of Disney's live action film Cinderella, Lily James and Richard Madden, unveiled the Cinderella themed windows at Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store in New York City. 

Left: Lily James and Richard Madden, Stars of Disney's Cinderella | Right: Designer Shoes come to life
Photo by Diane Bondareff/ Invision for Disney Consumer Products/AP Images

The windows feature costumes from the film, as well as the gorgeous collection of nine luxury designer shoes that re-imagine Cinderella's iconic glass slipper. Of course, once I heard about the windows, I had to go see the collection in person. On Tuesday, I rushed over to Saks Fifth Avenue on my lunch hour. I could not concentrate on work knowing all those glass slippers were a mere eight blocks away!

Charlotte Olympia's re-imagined Cinderella Shoe Design come to Life

Jimmy Choo's  re-imagined Cinderella Shoe Design come to Life

Fun fact: Did you know that the zip code for this flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store is 10022-SHOE?
Another fun fact: These shoes are for SALE!!

Paul Andrew's  re-imagined Cinderella Shoe Design come to Life

Rene Caovilla's  re-imagined Cinderella Shoe Design come to Life

Cindrella's and the Fairy Godmother's dresses were absolutely stunning in person. 

Fairy Godmother's Dress in the Window of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City
Fairy Godmother's Dress Detail (look at her wand!)
Cinderella's Dress in the Window of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City

Cinderella's Dress Detail
Cinderella opens in theaters Friday, March 13!
Will your glass slippers be the first i line at your neighborhood theater?

Did I forget to mention her slipper is there too? (Cue the angel's choir)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Conversations with Gaston

As many of you may or may not know, Gaston at Disney Parks has become somewhat of an internet sensation. (You can catch his act on YouTube). He is hilarious. This past trip he did not disappoint. Here are some examples:

A little girl in front of us on line tells him that she is going to see Belle. He says:
"BELLE! I'm going to MARRY her!" He tells the girl to touch the sleeve of his shirt.
"Do you know what this IS?" he booms in a deep authoritative voice.
She timidly shakes her head "no."
"It's MARRIAGE MATERIAL! Now you tell her about it!"

My friend's little girl is next.
He has her lift her arms over her head and he puts his arm on top of her hands.
"You need two arms to hold this muscle!" he tells her.
"Now don't let go! It's very heavy!"

Then he tells the crowd he is coming out with a thirteen month calendar. When the kids say there are only 12 months he proclaims
"I'm adding a 13th! 'Gastonuary!'"

This guy is a scream and anything is fair game.

Challenge him to an arm wrestle, a push up contest... or as my friend suggested - Tell him you're a feminist and like books! All of the characters are wonderful, but Gaston, he is not to be missed!

Make sure to make room in your schedule for him... but don't tell him. It will definitely go to his head!