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Post Disney Trip Blues

Sunday, September 25, 2016


We just recently arrived home from another action packed trip to Walt Disney World!
Napkin from Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

What a trip!  We hit a patch of bad weather in Orlando but that didn't stop us.  We put on our ponchos and had some fun!
Tusker House, Animal Kingdom

The only bummer was that due to storms the Jungle Book show was canceled the two nights that we were in Animal Kingdom.  A major plus was that the crowds were low and we were able to hit a lot of spots to eat that we normally would not have been able to get reservations for.

The Grey Stuff @ Be Our Guest

Alas, now it is back to reality.  Time to deal with the post Disney blues.
They struck like clock work.!  I was hoping that if we came home to beautiful weather (which we did) that might lift our spirits a bit.
Nope!  But you know what did?   A few days after we arrived home a big package was delivered to our door.

Disney sent us a Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere & a Mission Rover to review.  I am so excited for my son to play with these toys and to give you our honest review.  Stay tuned for part one on the blog on Tuesday and.... remember....

Pillow seen in Frontier Trading Post at Walt Disney World

Disney Movie Club FREE MOVIE offer!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

As any Disney fanatic would, I obviously considered Disneyfying my home an essential part of the purchase of my new house! One of the things I waited to do until we were official was re-sign up for the Disney Movie Club, this is Disney's version of the Columbia House CD club that we all remember from the 80s and 90s. lol.

Basically you get 4 movies for $1, and commit to buying 4 more at MSRP over the next two years.  I did this full membership about a decade ago and found it worked out to be really cost effective.  You have a choice to accept or decline a title each month (accepting means they charge your card and ship it out).  If you choose blu-rays you are paying about $30 for 4 which = $120 at the end of commitment.  However you really got 8 movies so you are looking at $15 for each blu ray (most of which are combo packs).  If you choose wisely this could save you anywhere between $5-10 a movie.  If you are a Hayao Miyazaki fan it would be worth it for collecting Studio Ghibli alone!

Take into account a current Disney Visa Cardmember deal (although when I purchased it allowed me to use ANY credit card during sign up) and this deal is worth it for any fan! Head to the Disney Movie Club website and voila! (The link should give you the extra promo, but if it does not simply click up top to indicate you have a promo code.  Enter 42033 and suddenly the site will be transformed!) You will get 5 movies for $1 and only have to commit to buying 3! Now you are looking at $11.25 per movie if you combine your 5 initial plus the 3 from your commitment! Not even Amazon could beat that price!

But wait, there's more (LOL)!

You also get a free Olaf blanket! I was surprised by the quality, a thin fleece but still a nice addition to the throw blankets we keep in our living room! (Mine is pictured above!)

Obviously, all promos are subject to change and while there is no end date for this one, I am sure it won't be around for long.  ALWAYS remember that you should read all the fine print, be sure you understand what you are getting into when you make a club commitment, and consider the overall cost for your family.  There are small shipping charges and if you are not looking to build a library this may not be cost effective or helpful for you, and on the contrary may seem cumbersome and expensive.  It meets a need my family has, and I am excited to share even more Disney and Studio Ghibli with them! And I look forward to fulfilling my obligation with the great upcoming releases slated over the next few months!

Book Review For Tweens, by Tweens: Sara Shepard's The Amateurs

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When given the opportunity to read Sara Shepard's (author of the Pretty Little Liars series) new book before it came out, 11 year old Autumn jumped on the chance! She received an ARC of the book and the Q&A below are her honest thoughts and opinions:

What was your overall opinion of the book?
It was a little slow in parts, but really good.  Sometimes I picked it up to read and did not realize how much I was finishing in one sitting. 

What was your favorite part?
I really liked the way the characters were described in the beginning.  It took a lot of pages but it made you able to really see what they were like.  And there were some surprises (like Maddy) that seemed confusing at first but ended up pretty cool. 

How does it compare to Pretty Little Liars?
It was a mystery that surrounded someone disappearing and dying like the way Pretty Little Liars started with Allison.  It was also a similar neighborhood.  The characters in Amateurs were more into finding answers.  Pretty Little Liars is about the missing person sort of coming back for the girls who lost her, Amateurs is about the main characters figuring out what happened and trying to solve the mystery.

Who would you recommend this book to?
Anyone who likes Pretty Little Liars at any age. It was slow but I would still give the next book in the series a chance because it explained a lot of important things. 

Coffee First with Joffrey's Coffee and Tea

Monday, July 25, 2016

We absolutely love working with Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Company, especially when they send us some yummy goodies to try. We've already gotten to read about some of their wonderful teas (click here to read more), so lets dive into some of their flavored coffee!!

Want to escape for a moment during breakfast to the tropical island of Hawaii? Well Joffrey's has created a morning blend so you can feel as though you are at the Disney Resort and Spa, Aulani. As Joffrey's would say, "Begin your mornings as they do at Aulani". Named after the resort, Aulani has a blend of the rich Kona coffee beans and tropical fruit flavors are definitely something that delight. The coffee has a distinct smooth, buttery taste that will compliment any yummy breakfast in bed (Mickey pancakes or waffles anyone?!). 

Trattoria al Forno
I have been trying to find the perfect coffee for those mornings where you need a small pick me up (Especially Mondays...Need I say more?) and I think I've found it in Joffrey's Trattoria al Forno. This flavor is reminiscent of the Italian restaurant at Walt Disney World's Board Walk Resort, sweet and simple. The Italian flavors experience will make your taste buds dance and sing. The sweet berry and milk chocolate aroma start your tasting experience at a high point. As you finish your cup, a citrus and dark berry flavor makes your smile spread further across your face. Who wouldn't want to start their morning on such a sweet note?!

Joffrey's definitely makes you feel as though you are back "Home", as you'll hear a lot of Disney enthusiasts will claim. Even when you can't get out to the Parks, Joffrey's is a great option to feel as though you are at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Click here to get your own bag of Joffrey's today!

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