The best way to celebrate 40

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I turned 40 and the best way I could think to celebrate was a girls' weekend at Walt Disney World. We stayed at Pop Century. We were able to get to our rooms early at 12:30pm. I was a given celebrating buttons!

We hopped into our Disney Limo, aka Walt Disney World Resort Bus Transportation, to EPCOT right away. After we stopped to take pictures in front of Spaceship Earth, we headed for the World Showcase. One of my friends thought it would be fun to take a silly picture in ever country with a silly hat. 

We started in Mexico. We grabbed a drink, some chips and guacamole at La Cave de Tequila bar wearing huge sombreros. My 14 year-old son was sad I didn't bring a sombrero home for him, silly kid. 

We stopped for a Viking picture with a Troll in Norway and even stopped for a picture with bamboo hats in China. We got grapefruit beer and pretzels in Germany, of which I felt very proud to be paying homage to my German roots. We stopped in Italy  and enjoyed our drinks by the fountain. We headed to The American Adventure and found scarves and sweaters that looked like the flag of our great country. 

While we were enjoying getting drinks in the bar in Morocco, one of the girls spotted henna tattoo artists. So we all picked out a design and got painted, which was very fun. The Cast Members doing our artwork were very sweet. We moved on to China and I had my first sake! The best drink of the night came from France, a Grey Goose Vodka Grand Marnier Slush. 

We went to England and had some hard ciders with fish and chips. We made a picnic on a corner and enjoyed ourselves in spite of guests probably thinking we were a bit nuts for having a picnic in the middle of EPCOT. Finally, we went to Canada for one last picture before finding a spot to watch Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. We stopped by Spaceship Earth for a last round of pictures before heading back to the Pop Century Resort. 

The next day we experienced the Rollicking Raglan Brunch at Ragland Road before heading back home. Most of us loved the food and drinks there and especially enjoyed the Irish band and performers. 

Turning 40 wasn't as hard as I thought it would be thanks to this great weekend. :) 

Disney Holiday Fashion

Monday, June 29, 2015

Here's a look at our favorite new Disney fashionables hitting the shelves this fall in time for the Holidays.  I personally can't wait to start shopping after getting a close up view of these items.

Favorite Accessories:
From D- Style-  
Everything in these new Minnie and Pooh accessories collections is adorable.
I especially love the back of the Pooh tote.  Check out the adorable  trio of Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore.

  The Minnie ears purse and the Minnie hoodie with ears is a must buy for all the girls on my list.

Favorite Bling:
Run, don't walk to JC Penney for these colorful Minnie watches.
They are $20 and come in three colors red, pink and white.

Favorite Cozys: 
Holiday pajamas for the entire family!  Whether you prefer Classic Disney or favor the Force you will be dressed in style waiting for Santa to visit!

Favorite Stocking Stuffers:
These Tsum Tsums are actually stackable lip balms!
Available at Target for $3.99 each, they are going to fly off the shelves!

Frozen Birthday Trifecta!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hey there, hi there,  beautiful Picturing Disneyers!

I can't contain myself from spilling the snow on Frozen birthday parties galore!

Over the past three months I have had a major case of Frozen Fever. . . In my personal life, I've had the pleasure of being part of not one, not two, but THREE frozen birthday parties- and what's best is I was able befriend Anna & Elsa for two of these occasions! In my work life, my work buddies and I have scoured far and wide for inspiration to design and make a few decor pieces that I've taken to said birthday parties because, well,  they're super cute!

The first thing we made were these letters that spelled out "FOUR". After a light primer, we painted them a frosty blue paint as an homage to Elsa's cape, and we threw in some rhinestones for a little bonus. The letters are boxy enough to stand on their own, but for extra balance, we suggest hot gluing a little wooden craft square to the bottoms of each letter.

Then we made some banners! For this project you'll need: white & blue card stock glitter paper,  some blue and white tulle, white ribbon, a hot glue gun and either a di-cut machine or some good ol' fashioned patience.
First things first, you make your shapes out of your preferred paper. Then you make your letters out of the second paper (spelling out whatever you please) hot glue the letters to the shape and connect them all with the tulle and ribbon. Snowflakes? Not necessary, but they do add a cute effect.
  And that's it! Banners are done.  :)

Next, we made some cupcake toppers using decorative paper straws, with left over paper from the banner project and a simple print out on blue paper. Shape 'em as you wish, glue, then stick. 
Cute. Quick. Easy-peasy!


To complete our faux-party table we made blue-chocolate dipped marshmallows and some blue punch in our favorite crystal clear mason jars to add some color and a homey touch.

And here are all of those elements looking right at home at the first Frozen Party for princess Annie.

(I'll try to add more of these pictures later!)

The second party for princess Meli is where I actually got to befriend Anna and Elsa.

Just a quick F.Y.I. . . when ordering decorations from Ebay, it's in your best interest to quadruple check the measurements of the grand background display you're ordering. . .
(lol or risk finding out on set-up day.)Either way! Make the best of the situation, because I can guarantee - the kids'll love it regardless. 
For the centerpieces at Meli's birthday her mom made these simple little floral arrangements.
For these you will need a round vase , some frosty blue spray paint, and white glitter.
1) Spray paint vase, opening down. Spray light and take the cans advice! (You don't want drippy vases. . .)
2) Before the paint dries, sprinkle some glitter. The paint will double as an adhesive.
BONUS STEP - for the perfectionists and those who hate glitter going everywhere - seal it

My favorite overlooked detail about this birthday party had to be the clever use of mesh ribbon along the center of the hedges adorned with giant randomly placed snowflakes. I think it added a nice touch to an otherwise ignored lawn piece. 

And of course- what is a party without some "Pin the __ on __" action! 

. . . some pictures as the day progressed. . . 

P.s. check out this Olaf PiƱata! Apparently there was an Elsa one too - but the birthday girl decided no one was allowed to "hurt" Elsa. But don't worry, she doesn't have a grudge against Olaf; she explained to us "Olaf is made of snow, if he gets broken we can squish him back to healthy."

My last photo from this series is with Princess Dana. She didn't even know Anna and Elsa were going to her party. I thought her jaw would just about hit the floor when she saw the snowy blonde hair turn the corner. . .Thank goodness Elsa received the last minute snowflake-a-gram. ;)

Until next time,
See ya real soon!

Christmas in June

Friday, June 26, 2015

Christmas came early for me this year! 
I was thrilled to represent Picturing Disney at the Disney Consumer Products Holiday Showcase in NYC today!  I would like to thank Stephanie with the Disney Team who expertly guided me through
the best hour of my week.

It was over 90 degrees on the streets of New York, but the holiday spirit was in full force inside the showcase.

There was so much to see and I want to share it all with you so I am going to do a series of posts about all the exciting merchandise that will be available soon.

Since Inside Out is hot right now, I am going to start with the film merchandise which is just as colorful, lively and fun as the film.

My favorite items from the Inside Out collection are these character plush dolls.  They talk when you squeeze them!  Bing Bong is the best!  When you squeeze him he cries and of course his eyes fill up with candy.  I can hear you all saying awwwww!

Check out the reversible hat.  I love it.  Sadness is featured on one side, flip it over and there's Joy!
It will be available at Party City for $9.99.  Yes $9.99!  This is not a typo.
I hope I can squeeze my hair into it or I might need to get a pixie cut a la Joy.

Inside Out and the Game of Life go well together don't you think?

Any guesses as to the other hot holiday items coming out?
I will be featuring them over the next few days but I will give you this hint:
Interactive/Tech and Tsum Tsums are huge!  Marvel and Star Wars are prominent.
It's going to be a Magical Holiday Season!

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