Roll Call: Michele!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hi everyone:
I'm Michele and my love of everything Disney began on the couch!  I grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney back in the 70's.  Before cable and VCR's came around this was the only way to get your Disney fix.  Disney sparked my imagination on Sunday nights.  I could not wait to see what would be on each week!  Just the sight of spunky little Tinkerbell flying around the screen with her wand instantly helped fend off any lurking Sunday night blues.  These days I am happily introducing a love of Disney to my seven year old son.  We took Logan to Disney for the first time over Thanksgiving with my entire family.  What a blast! Twenty six happy, Disney loving enthusiasts including four first timers!  

I can't wait to start swapping Disney stories with you all.  By the way I have never outgrown my Sunday night blues.  Good thing I have Once Upon a Time to get me motivated for the work week!

Story Time with Princess Sofia

Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm a firm believer in few things being better than little ones showing enormous enthusiasm for reading. Maybe it's because she got to stay up a few minutes past bedtime or maybe it's because it was a (few) Sofia the First book(s). Either way it was such a joy to see (and hear) story time being accomplished.


Last night we set the mood with Tom Ameen's Magical Moments 2  while my personal story teller donned her princess jammies and tackled the entire Sofia Boxed Set that came in.


 The set is recommended for ages 3-5 (Pre-1/Kindergarten). 160 pages all together filled with vocabulary building fun, cute pictures gallore, and a princess certificate as the goal for reading all the books, all available for $9.99.                          


After story time was over, I was asked for a single request to keep Tom Ameen's "You Can Fly" on repeat until Princess Storytime fell asleep. . .  it didn't take long. She was off to Neverland thinking of mermaid lagoons underneath a magic moon before the first play was even over.  :)

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Magical Moments 2: Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, October 12, 2014

On Friday, we shared an some news about an exciting new giveaway. Tom Ameen, whom we've featured before, has released a new album called Magical Moments 2: The Magic Continues. In this album are many classic Disney songs that have been remade into delicate markers of memories past.

One of my absolute favorite songs on the album is Winnie the Pooh. Growing up, I remember the character Winnie the Pooh had struck a chord with Disney fans and Disney had decided to share the loveable bear's stories in a new way. We had been given The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Welcome to Pooh Corner. I remember always sitting and enjoying both shows. However, I would have to say my favorite Winnie the Pooh story was Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Most of the memorable stories and songs that I remember from Pooh and his gang of 100 Acre Wood were from that film.

But one of the best parts was always the beginning title of the story. It began with the introduction of Winnie the Pooh and all his friends. You know the song....Oh for Heaven sakes....Ok for those of you that might not remember, Here Watch!!

When I heard the track on Tom's new album, I was taken back to the days where a "willy, nilly, silly, old bear" walked upon a log to walk over to his home with the name of Mr. Sanderz above his door. There are other wonderful rewritten songs on the album, but this one was definitely my favorite. 

Even today, I still have a soft spot for a silly old bear,  a wonderful chap, and a donkey named Eeyore.

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Tom Ameen's Magical Moments 2 Giveaway!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

After I had first heard Tom Ameen's last record, Magical Moments, I couldn't wait for the release of his next album. As I've mentioned before, the musical stylings of Tom Ameen brings a sensitivere-imagined touch to some of the most beloved Disney Classics ever written. You can imagine how excited I was when Tom announced that a second Disney-Inspired album would be released. Last month, Tom announced that his next album, Magical Moments 2: The Magic Continues, was ready.

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Magical Moments.
Magical Moments 2: The Magic Continues celebrates some classic and new Disney tunes that fans have come to love. Even if there was a song that was unfamiliar to me, I almost felt like I had to get to know it from the brilliant way Tom reinterpreted each song.

We are happy to announce that we will be offering a giveaway of Tom's latest album. He has offered a complimentary download of Magical Moments 2: The Magic Continues. Enter below for your chance to win!! Remember the more tasks you complete, the more chances you will have to win!!

Oh and in case you would like to get a listen to this coveted album or check out some of his other music, check out Amazon and CDBaby (which gives more to independent artists if their music is purchased). Also make sure to check out his WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter, and Youtube Channel for more information on Tom and his music. And if you love Spotify, you will have another reason to love it 
(he is on there too ;D)!

Good Luck!!

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