Friday, September 30, 2016

Miles from Tomorrowland Mission Rover Review

What's better than flying around in space?  Getting out of your ship and exploring extra-terrestrial terrains in your own Mission Rover!  Planning a trip to the Moon, Mars or Venus?  You will certainly need your own Mission Rover to work up samples in your mobile space lab.

My son was so thrilled when Disney sent us a Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere to review that he was too busy jumping around to see the amazing Mission Rover sitting on the bottom of the box.  Once I reigned him in he was ecstatic to be able to play with both.

Like the Stellosphere, the Mission Rover is sturdy and durable.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate this as a mother.  I am constantly finding broken toy pieces around the apartment.  I don't expect to see many broken Mission Rover parts.  The toy is appropriate for younger children as there are only a few small pieces (4 space instruments) that are non essential to play.  The instruments can be taken away and hidden until the child reaches an appropriate age.

The Mission Rover opens up to reveal a mobile space lab.  Miles and his family easily fit into the lab and can run experiments on space rocks and foreign objects.  The Mission Rover has two cool robotic arms that can move in different directions.  One arm can blast away space jun with its flash beam launcher and the other arm can pick up the debris for inspection.

Logan really liked the green Terra Skiff which rolls off he back of the Mission Rover to help Miles explore exotic locales such as Mars.

The Mission Rover retails for $39.99 and will provide your child with many hours of interesting and imaginative play time.

Official Product Description:
Miles and his friends are all part of the Cosmic Explorers who use the Mission Rover as a mobile space lab. Once the Cosmic Explorers reach their destination they can open up the back of the Mission Rover to reveal the mobile space lab. Inside the lab, Leo can give Miles missions with the touch of a button. To help Miles complete any mission the Rover has 2 Robotic Arms that can be moved to different locations on the vehicle to blast away obstacles with the flash beam launcher, or move space debris with the grappling claw. Miles can use the Terra Skiff for any missions that require him to leave the safety of the Rover. Once Miles is ready to use the Space Lab, it is equipped with 4 space tools, including robotic IO, to help with whatever they may need. Join Miles as he explores Mars in his Rover!
Available in stores now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere Review

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere
I would imagine living in space is tough.  It's dark, you are in cramped quarters and life can get pretty uncomfortable up there.  Luckily, I don't think the Callisto family faces these issues in their Stellosphere!  Not familiar with the Callisto family?  They are Miles from Tomorrowland's family and they explore the galaxy from their big space station called the Stellosphere.   

Disney recently sent us Tomy's Stellopshere to review.  My son Logan was thrilled when a giant box arrived at our front door a few days after returning from Walt Disney World.  I have to admit I though the box might just be full of bulky packaging.  When we opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Stellosphere is a nice, big size.  Miles is included with the ship but you can purchase the rest of the family (Loretta, Phoebe and Leo) and Merc the robo-ostrich (Mechanical emotionally responsive creature) separately.

Logan's favorite feature about the Stellosphere is that it transforms into 3 separate ships.  The main ship acts as home base for the Callisto's and opens up to reveal a command center.  The command center is spacious and has room for multiple action figures.  

The main ship may be slightly big for little hands to fly around the play room, but the Mini Starjetter is perfect for shorter trips in little hands.  The Zip Ship was Logan's choice for longer missions to the outer limits (his bedroom).

Each component opens up for Miles or one of the other action figures to comfortably sit inside and explore space.  Not once over the course of an hour did I hear any complaints about pieces breaking off or needing to be adjusted.  Not having to constantly be called to fix toy pieces is a big win for this mom!

Another fun feature is that each ship lights up and makes sounds with the help of a moveable XVR system that attaches to each ship.  Parents might have to help younger kids maneuver the system but it is worth it.  The sounds and lights really make the ships come to life!

I have seen many toys come through our apartment and many are flimsy, break easily and are not worth the price.  The Stellosphere however is certainly well worth its price point ($29.99).  Each smaller ship is sturdy in its own right.  They each easily connect or fit into the main component.  The main component is big, and holds all of the other ships, and accessories in a neat, good looking package.  This is one toy I don't mind having around Logan's bedroom!

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere & Mission Rover

Much thanks to Disney for sending us Tomy's Stellopshere to review.  We are going to be checking out the Mission Rover next, so be on the look out for our review on the blog!

Official Product Description:
The Callistos are on a mission to connect the universe.  Explore the galaxy on the Stellosphere, the home base space station for the Callistos; where they relax, recharge, and receive new missions from the TTA.  The Stellosphere comes apart into 3 separate ships to make space explorations easier.  Open up the large Stellosphere plates to reveal the Castillo's command center where Miles and the Cllisto family (figures sold separately) can receive missions from the TTA.  For short and quick missions, take the mini StarJetter that is stored in the Stellosphere.  For longer missions over greater distances, take the Zip Ship, which can be removed from the top of the Stellosphere.  To boost any ship in the line with lights and sounds, remove the XVR system from the bottom of the Stellosphere and attach to the other ships.  With so many ways to explore, no mission is too difficult.  
Available in stores now.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Post Disney Trip Blues


We just recently arrived home from another action packed trip to Walt Disney World!
Napkin from Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

What a trip!  We hit a patch of bad weather in Orlando but that didn't stop us.  We put on our ponchos and had some fun!
Tusker House, Animal Kingdom

The only bummer was that due to storms the Jungle Book show was canceled the two nights that we were in Animal Kingdom.  A major plus was that the crowds were low and we were able to hit a lot of spots to eat that we normally would not have been able to get reservations for.

The Grey Stuff @ Be Our Guest

Alas, now it is back to reality.  Time to deal with the post Disney blues.
They struck like clock work.!  I was hoping that if we came home to beautiful weather (which we did) that might lift our spirits a bit.
Nope!  But you know what did?   A few days after we arrived home a big package was delivered to our door.

Disney sent us a Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere & a Mission Rover to review.  I am so excited for my son to play with these toys and to give you our honest review.  Stay tuned for part one on the blog on Tuesday and.... remember....

Pillow seen in Frontier Trading Post at Walt Disney World