Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Up" Ellie Grape Soda Badge Winner! ;)

A few weeks ago I found this great "Up" replica on Etsy and have been rockin it on my winter vest every since (proudly explaining to people who ask how awesome "Up" is)! Yesterday I ran through some trivia questions about Disney animated classics and had so much fun coming up with and reading guesses to questions that I wanted to run a little contest.  

Luckily the owner over at Chunkee Monkee Bowtique, where I picked up my "badge", offered to donate a pin for a contest! So, I posed the following question via Facebook (additionally I had wanted to welcome all the new fans from the Chip and Company gift card contest so  I did not post the question on the blog first, just Facebook). 

Up, Cars, Wall-E, RATATOUILLE (and soon Brave) are the only Pixar movies with one word titles. There are more than 10 Disney animated feature films with one word titles. Can you name them? 

The eligible titles (remember it said animated feature films) were as follows (there were 13 possible options):

1.  Pinnochio
2.  Fantasia
3.  Dumbo
4.  Bambi
5.  Cinderella
6.  Aladdin
7.  Pocahontas
8.  Hercules
9.  Mulan
10.  Tarzan
11.  Dinosaur
12.  Bolt
13.  Tangled

If you entered more than just 10, as long as 10 were correct you were in the drawing (I used to chose a number and numbered people in the order I received the emails)!

Even though we announced it over on Facebook... the winner is...
Jeremiah G.!!!

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