Thursday, February 23, 2012

Part 4 2007: Surprise Illuminations!

Then, on our way back to our Soarin’ fastpasses we headed for a quick stop into Club Cool- my first time. We also rode Figment, since there is never a wait it seems and I love it. Although Rob says I would have loved the original more. Anyways after that we headed to ride Soarin’! Who doesn’t love this ride? Anyways, we headed up to do the Circle of Life.

Rain had come and gone in the duration of Soarin’ and Circle of Life but the Land was packed so we decided to trek outside and low and behold it was pretty empty out there. We took some pictures on our way to Mission: Space, which I had promised Rob I would ride if he did Space Mountain. There was only a 5 minute wait!!! We hopped right on and listened to Lieutenant Dan give us our instructions. I was Pilot and Rob was Navigator. I was a bit nervous but we loved it! A little shorter than expected but fun nonetheless! 

After we left the humidity, margarita, space travel combination was starting to give me a headache so we decided to try Ellen’s Energy Adventure! How fun to see Ellen Degeneres on an adventure with BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! I loved that show when I was in like 6th grade. LOL! What a nerd I am! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! Haha! Anyways, since it was like 40+ minutes long it was time to head over to dinner after it ended. We only took one picture at Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada but it was great! The bread was awesome there! And I got Salmon again, which was delish, Rob got Steak I believe. Afterwards we both had great desserts- Rob’s was a chocolate cake I believe and mine was called Campfire Smores. 

It was pushing 8:00pm now and we hadn’t taken a break back at the resort all day. We decided to head back over and see what we felt like. We got back to our room and I was so beat from the last couple days. I had barely slept a wink before we left and didn’t sleep in that morning. I wanted to relax so we decided to walk around the resort and then go for a swim and see if we felt like going back out afterwards. We changed and took some pictures as we walked around the resort. It was cool since the sun was going down. Then we stopped at the poolbar to get some drinks. Rob had a Corona and I had a Captain’s Mai Tai. As we sat down at one of the fountain side tables we heard a few bangs. It was Illuminations!!!! We got up and walked where we could see and watched Illuminations from CBR! It was so cool! Illuminations is my least favorite show so I was thinking about skipping it all together- but watching it from CBR was great! I only got one decent picture though, because I was walking, drinking, and snapping pics! And after another late night swim to relax and cool down from the day we eventually called it a night. 


  1. I love The Land at Epcot. We love riding seeing the vegetables and the special pumpkins. This is a must at Epcot.

  2. Me too! The song always gets stuck in my head too! lol!