Monday, June 29, 2015

Disney Holiday Fashion

Here's a look at our favorite new Disney fashionables hitting the shelves this fall in time for the Holidays.  I personally can't wait to start shopping after getting a close up view of these items.

Favorite Accessories:
From D- Style-  
Everything in these new Minnie and Pooh accessories collections is adorable.
I especially love the back of the Pooh tote.  Check out the adorable  trio of Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore.

  The Minnie ears purse and the Minnie hoodie with ears is a must buy for all the girls on my list.

Favorite Bling:
Run, don't walk to JC Penney for these colorful Minnie watches.
They are $20 and come in three colors red, pink and white.

Favorite Cozys: 
Holiday pajamas for the entire family!  Whether you prefer Classic Disney or favor the Force you will be dressed in style waiting for Santa to visit!

Favorite Stocking Stuffers:
These Tsum Tsums are actually stackable lip balms!
Available at Target for $3.99 each, they are going to fly off the shelves!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Frozen Birthday Trifecta!

Hey there, hi there,  beautiful Picturing Disneyers!

I can't contain myself from spilling the snow on Frozen birthday parties galore!

Over the past three months I have had a major case of Frozen Fever. . . In my personal life, I've had the pleasure of being part of not one, not two, but THREE frozen birthday parties- and what's best is I was able befriend Anna & Elsa for two of these occasions! In my work life, my work buddies and I have scoured far and wide for inspiration to design and make a few decor pieces that I've taken to said birthday parties because, well,  they're super cute!

The first thing we made were these letters that spelled out "FOUR". After a light primer, we painted them a frosty blue paint as an homage to Elsa's cape, and we threw in some rhinestones for a little bonus. The letters are boxy enough to stand on their own, but for extra balance, we suggest hot gluing a little wooden craft square to the bottoms of each letter.

Then we made some banners! For this project you'll need: white & blue card stock glitter paper,  some blue and white tulle, white ribbon, a hot glue gun and either a di-cut machine or some good ol' fashioned patience.
First things first, you make your shapes out of your preferred paper. Then you make your letters out of the second paper (spelling out whatever you please) hot glue the letters to the shape and connect them all with the tulle and ribbon. Snowflakes? Not necessary, but they do add a cute effect.
  And that's it! Banners are done.  :)

Next, we made some cupcake toppers using decorative paper straws, with left over paper from the banner project and a simple print out on blue paper. Shape 'em as you wish, glue, then stick. 
Cute. Quick. Easy-peasy!


To complete our faux-party table we made blue-chocolate dipped marshmallows and some blue punch in our favorite crystal clear mason jars to add some color and a homey touch.

And here are all of those elements looking right at home at the first Frozen Party for princess Annie.

(I'll try to add more of these pictures later!)

The second party for princess Meli is where I actually got to befriend Anna and Elsa.

Just a quick F.Y.I. . . when ordering decorations from Ebay, it's in your best interest to quadruple check the measurements of the grand background display you're ordering. . .
(lol or risk finding out on set-up day.)Either way! Make the best of the situation, because I can guarantee - the kids'll love it regardless. 
For the centerpieces at Meli's birthday her mom made these simple little floral arrangements.
For these you will need a round vase , some frosty blue spray paint, and white glitter.
1) Spray paint vase, opening down. Spray light and take the cans advice! (You don't want drippy vases. . .)
2) Before the paint dries, sprinkle some glitter. The paint will double as an adhesive.
BONUS STEP - for the perfectionists and those who hate glitter going everywhere - seal it

My favorite overlooked detail about this birthday party had to be the clever use of mesh ribbon along the center of the hedges adorned with giant randomly placed snowflakes. I think it added a nice touch to an otherwise ignored lawn piece. 

And of course- what is a party without some "Pin the __ on __" action! 

. . . some pictures as the day progressed. . . 

P.s. check out this Olaf PiƱata! Apparently there was an Elsa one too - but the birthday girl decided no one was allowed to "hurt" Elsa. But don't worry, she doesn't have a grudge against Olaf; she explained to us "Olaf is made of snow, if he gets broken we can squish him back to healthy."

My last photo from this series is with Princess Dana. She didn't even know Anna and Elsa were going to her party. I thought her jaw would just about hit the floor when she saw the snowy blonde hair turn the corner. . .Thank goodness Elsa received the last minute snowflake-a-gram. ;)

Until next time,
See ya real soon!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Christmas in June

Christmas came early for me this year! 
I was thrilled to represent Picturing Disney at the Disney Consumer Products Holiday Showcase in NYC today!  I would like to thank Stephanie with the Disney Team who expertly guided me through
the best hour of my week.

It was over 90 degrees on the streets of New York, but the holiday spirit was in full force inside the showcase.

There was so much to see and I want to share it all with you so I am going to do a series of posts about all the exciting merchandise that will be available soon.

Since Inside Out is hot right now, I am going to start with the film merchandise which is just as colorful, lively and fun as the film.

My favorite items from the Inside Out collection are these character plush dolls.  They talk when you squeeze them!  Bing Bong is the best!  When you squeeze him he cries and of course his eyes fill up with candy.  I can hear you all saying awwwww!

Check out the reversible hat.  I love it.  Sadness is featured on one side, flip it over and there's Joy!
It will be available at Party City for $9.99.  Yes $9.99!  This is not a typo.
I hope I can squeeze my hair into it or I might need to get a pixie cut a la Joy.

Inside Out and the Game of Life go well together don't you think?

Any guesses as to the other hot holiday items coming out?
I will be featuring them over the next few days but I will give you this hint:
Interactive/Tech and Tsum Tsums are huge!  Marvel and Star Wars are prominent.
It's going to be a Magical Holiday Season!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Loving Lava

Before every Pixar Feature, there is a Pixar Short. The theatrical release of Inside Out was no different. Lava, the Pixar Animation Short before Inside Out, tells the story of  Uko, a singing volcano. He gets to see other creatures around him experiencing companionship, but he himself has no one to love. As the lyrics read, "I have a dream, I hope will come true. You’re here with me and I’m here with you. I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above, will send me someone to lava." I absolutely loved the effects and picturesque storytelling used in the short. It left me thinking later that maybe we might see Uko in Moana.

I don't want to spoil anything but I really want to highlight the importance of the short. Ultimately, we are all made to share life with one another. Whether it be with a spouse, child, or best friend, you shouldn't have to experience life alone. Being lonely happens and can be okay for a time, but it is important to have someone there when life's ups and downs sail through. Those moments will pass and hopefully you'll come out in the end stronger than you ever thought your bond could be. 

I highly recommend that you make sure to check out Inside Out in theaters now and get there early to see this beautifully written short. It had me gripping my honey's hand tighter, while I used the other hand to wipe away the happy tears that streamed across my gleaming smile.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Disney Pixar's Inside Out Film Review

It's been some time since we've had a multi-blogger review, but I think we just couldn't help it. If there is something we love more than anything, it's when Disney Pictures or Pixar Animation create a smash hit that we all fall in love with. Take a gander at what some of our lovely ladies had to say about Pixar Animation's Inside Out.

Pixar has done it again!
In Inside Out, the geniuses at Pixar take us behind the scenes in the mind of a tween girl named Riley.

Pixar takes us on a race against the clock adventure as we get to explore the islands of Riley's personality (Family, Friendship, Goofball and Hockey Islands).  Running the show from Headquarters (Riley's brain) are five of Riley's emotions:
Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger.

Inside Out was directed by Pete Docter.  You know his work from Up.  Inside Out is every bit as emotional, raw and entertaining as Up.  As we explored all the islands of Riley's personality I experienced Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and a ton of Sadness.  I'm not so sure I was as sad as I was melancholy.  The film evoked for me the same feelings as Andy leaving for college in Toy Story 3.  Inside Out shows us that Joy cannot exist in a bubble.  We all have Sadness in our lives even at happy times.  It is always present.  This can stir up Anger, Fear and Disgust.  Each of our emotions plays upon all the others like a well practiced orchestra.

I went into Inside Out very excited to try to catch all the Easter eggs that are always planted throughout Pixar films.  There are tons, but I only caught two.  I kept missing the Pizza Planet truck because my eyes were filled with tears.  Tears of Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear....mostly the Fear that every scene might be the last.

Run don't walk to Inside Out!
A special shout out to Amy Poehler who is simply a Joy in this movie!

Cast Highlights:
Joy - Amy Poehler
Sadness- Phyllis Smith
Disgust- Mindy Kaling
Anger- Lewis Black
Fear- Bill Hader
Riley- Kaitlyn Dias

Link to full cast:  IMDB:

I find it hard to start describing how I feel about Inside Out without describing how incredible the folks over at Pixar are. Each time I watch one of their works I am completely engrossed in the film and find myself living vicariously through the characters on screen. (Read: I’m a baby and have tears in my eyes the majority of the time.) Inside Out is a prime example of the story telling genius that is Pixar. At no point is there time to question the plot or get bored because there is always something to laugh at or empathize with.

My biggest take-away from Inside Out comes from following the narrative of Joy; Pixar sends such a powerful message by making you realize that life is not perfect, and no matter how hard you try to avoid that fact, the beauty in life really shines once you succumb to them and embrace the moments for what they are.

After the film my movie kiddos and I played a little game where we all guessed who everyone’s prime emotion was – and I would highly suggest you play this game with your kids because the honest insight they’ll provide to you and each other is worth the laugh.

I was told my prime emotion was Joy, unless I'm hungry in which case my prime is always Anger. Needless to say, I'm going to practice happy snacking. So Disney loves, any tips are welcome!

I'm so excited that I got to see Pixar Animation's Inside Out this weekend. While at the 2013 D23 Convention, Pete Doctor had talked about how excited he was for the film and how many changes it had gone through since the film's conception. I had always thought it was an interesting idea to see how we all work. Jokingly, I considered it to be a homage to the old EPCOT attraction Cranium Command.

Any-who, I found that the film itself took a lot of effort to really teach us about our thought process and memory function. They did this effortlessly without making it feel like we were watching pre-school programming. They found a way to convey concepts some college grads still have a hard time with understanding without getting over technical. That, in itself, is powerful.

I also loved that it showed us that we can show each emotion and not be afraid to do so. There is a moment for every feeling you have. Sometimes, you need to show those emotions, instead of hiding them. Growing up is another big part of Inside Out. I think the only moment I really felt a surge of emotion was when the mind workers were clearing out Imagination Land and when Joy and Bing Bong are trying to escape the Subconcious.  That moment was where the surge of emotion totally took over (I won't spoil what happens....but you'll probably react the same way I did).

Inside Out was definitely worth checking out and sharing with your loved ones. Take sometime this week to check out the film. 

Thanks Ladies!!
And if that isn't enough of a push to go see the film, check out Inside Out's awesome trailer!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sugar Rush Birthday!

Hey there, hi there! How are you wonderful world of Picturing Disney?

I'm so excited to finally share this Sugar Rush Birthday party with you, featuring a 3ft tall Vanelope Von Schweetz! 

(Can you believe she was made by hand?! Out of some hard core styrofoam!)

This party was the brain child of my boyfriend's daughter for her 7th birthday last October (I misplaced my memory card haha). We spent a few days going Pinterest crazy before handing the reigns over to her mama to bring it all to life, and man oh man did I die of cuteness when I saw the birthday girls face on her big day! Especially when she beamed with pride about how much she helped set up and put it all together.

When the kids weren't having a blast "going Ralph" on the candy station. . .


 they were putting their creativity in motion at the "Race Car Shop".



My favorite details from this day have got to be:
  • * Candy station complete with gumballs, Haribo gummy bears, Marshmallow twists, Smarties, Twix, Kit-Kats, Snickers . . .and honestly so many different types of candies that I can't even remember them all . .  
  • * Purple cupcakes with character rings on them.
  • * Using cookies as wheels. . .  (and then eating them).
  • * The cute little faces  on the crowd of onlooking candies.
  • * The awesome cake!!  

Needless to say, the bar is set pretty high for her 8th birthday party - and I'm getting psyched because it'll be dad's turn to blow her away and she already has her mind set on a Honey Lemon theme for her big 08 this year! BONUS: I'll get to take "behind the scenes" photos of all the awesome stuff being made. That being said I'll see you guys over on Pinterest for the planning!

Until next time, see ya real soon!
<3 Nesa

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wish by Matthew Cordell- Book Review

Have you been looking for the perfect Father's Day gift?  Perhaps you need something for a baby shower or a christening?  I am a big fan of giving books as keepsakes.  Once in a while a book comes along that is so special it has the power to speak to everyone.

WISH written and pleasantly illustrated by Matthew Cordell is that book.
WISH's target audience is children aged three to five but I beg you to read it and I dare you not to cry.

Family is at the heart of WISH.  Mr. Cordell takes us on the sweet and touching life journey of two young elephants.  The couple builds a wonderful life together in preparation of eventually welcoming a child into their family.  Time passes but having a baby proves to be the biggest challenge of the couple's lives.

WISH particularly resonates if your family has struggled with infertility or has been blessed by adoption.  I plan on giving this book to my seven year old son as part of his birthday present this year.  As an adoptive parent, this book clearly and simply brought to life the emotions in my heart the first time I held my son as illustrated in my favorite pages below.

WISH From Disney Hyperion Publishing speaks to everyone.  Moms, dads, grandparents, adults, teens and children. Anyone who has a child, has wanted a child or has been a child will find WISH to be a powerful, emotional and uplifting read.  WISH makes the perfect gift for EVERY child who is loved, was WISHed for and hopefully will remain one at heart for their lifetimes.

Thanks Disney Publishing for sending a complimentary copy for me to read and enjoy. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Inside Out: Enough Emotion to Fill Your Bookshelf!

Disney is constantly outdoing themselves when it comes to story and art.  With the release of the highly anticipated (seriously, I am an adult and CAN NOT wait!) new Disney Pixar film Inside Out Disney has released companion books for all ages!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bippity Boppity Bed Bugs: My Magical Spring Break at the Swan

I know, I know.... Bed Bugs... Magic??

As many loving fans have wondered, when the site changed hands it came with a big personal change for me.  Last year I got divorced.  (Before you go saying "I'm  so sorry!", think twice and remember in most cases it is "Congratulations on choosing happiness!" are in order.) My ex-husband and I had traveled to Disney Parks many times and I had to get myself back to good before I could get back to my Disney roots. I had visited Disney World eight times between 2006 and 2013 as well as making it out to Disneyland twice.  With the interim between trips a lot had changed and I was ready for it! When one of my closest friends suggested Disney World for Spring Break in the fall I was ready and jumped right on it.  And so it went.

We stayed at the Swan using my Starwood Preferred Guest Points (covered our entire hotel cost!) and then found cheap flights and being a DVC member she got us discount passes and we purchased Tables in Wonderland when we got in.  All in all, for a high-end moderate hotel category we were VERY pleased with the location and amenities.  We went to the pool, had to talk to the front desk a few times (more than one which ended in free drink cards or room credits), and ate in both the Swan and the sister hotel, the Dolphin.

My friend requested a second blanket, she was using the pullout couch in our room and was cold our 3rd night.  The next day on our way to Animal Kingdom I mentioned I had gotten a bug bite on my foot which I thought was odd and she realized what she had been itching on her arm were also bug bites! We googled and read and returned to the hotel where they addressed our concerns, moved our room, washed our clothes and luggage, and credited us 3 nights worth of Starwood points for the trouble.  The whole process was under 2 hours and although no one ever admitted it, we were smart enough to know that the Swan having bed bugs had less to do with their cleanliness and more to do with the travelers who had visited.

We visited during Spring Break (my last trip before this was Spring Break 2013) and as I have always felt during busy times, the parks are manageable as long as you use fast passes, have dining reservations, and pace yourselves.  Flower and Garden festival is an amazing time to visit Epcot and it was the perfect time to rekindle my love affair with Disney Parks.  I think this trip could serve as a good reminder to all that every vacation can be the perfect vacation as long as you are having fun, with people you love, and not taking anything too seriously.  Something goes wrong? Take a deep breath.  This too shall fastpass.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

For the Love of Frozen by e.l.f.

When I got news from Disney Consumer Products that we would be receiving some samples of e.l.f.'s Frozen collection, I was stoked. I absolutely love the quality of makeup that e.l.f. provides (in general) and their low prices for their products are another great benefit, for you, the customer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company e.l.f. Cosmetics, the acronym stands for eyes, lips, and face. They believe that "beauty comes from within all of us." Their products are meant to "let your inner beauty shine through" without sacrificing our budget. Their line includes not only great makeup products but also tools that will help you apply their makeup without the hassle. e.l.f. has been known to work with Disney creating Villain and Princess themed collections (of which I also own and love....especially the Princess Jasmine pencil eyeliners).

In this collection, there are a few items that are available to recreate the look of our favorite ice queen:
  • Snow and Ice Beauty Book
  • Two sets of false eyelashes
  • 3 gorgeous lip glosses
  • Icing Eye shadow & Eyeliner
  • Glam Eye shadow Palette 
  • Icicle Face Palette
My favorite product from the bunch has to be the Icicle Face Palette. This palette has the perfect shades of bronzer, blush and highlighter for my skin tone. Its hard to find a good bronzer and blush that won' t make me look like I'm ready for a performance, but instead will enhance my natural beauty. ;)

The Snow and Ice Beauty book is perfect for someone who wants to capture either a day or night version of Queen Elsa's look. There is even an instructional guide. I decided to be a test model and and show off this gorgeous makeup. :) I kept to the "Elsa the Princess" guide for a daytime look. The lip color Royal Pursuit definitely gives the look a royal treatment.

To find out more about e.l.f. Cosmetics and their products click this link. Have you used one of the products from e.l.f.? Which is your favorite?