Friday, February 24, 2012

Part 5 2007: From Animal Kingdom to Under the Boardwalk

The next morning, the excitement of Disney fueled me and I was quickly ready and writing out postcards to drop off. Well excitement and the fact that I would be able to do some souvenir shopping for the first time this trip. I headed over to Old Port Royale and before mailing my postcards I purchased a coconut postcard and sent it to the kids I nanny for in the summer. The way it is set up is that there is a market-looking shop when you enter and then a regular gift shop off to the side so I of course shopped around both. Finally I headed where I said I was going originally- to get Rob’s breakfast platter which was called Isle Bounty on the receipt! Haha! Isn’t that funny? Anyways, I spent our snack points on a water and fruit cup again and vowed to find a better way to get breakfast since I hadn’t had a mickey ice cream yet!

We ate in the room, headed over to OPR for a refill and off we went to Animal Kingdom. We got there before 11:00 and were off to fastpass Kali River Rapids. We had decided that since last time we had done most of the great stuff at AK and had great experiences with them we would do the rest of AK this time around. Our first trip we had an amazing ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris(Rhinos just feet away, animals galore). Plus we had completely explored all the Tree of Life and Oasis trails, as well as the Mahrajah and Pangani treks. This turned out to be a true blessing because it was RIDICULOUSLY humid out. Instantly we were wet with sweat and our clothes were all stretched out in about 10 minutes. LoL. I know that seems extreme but I def now believe that the vegetation makes it hotter in AK than anywhere else. Plus there was like a 60% chance of showers that did not come ALL DAY so it was insane. Anyways, back on track, after fastpassing KRR we headed over to see It’s Tough to be a Bug. 

We headed right over to KRR when we were finished and it was perfect timing! We sat with two families. One was a father with his daughter and son, the other was a mom, grandma, and 3 kids. So to explain further, the father who was there with his two kids was sitting with his daughter and I sat with his son (meaning shared a seatbelt with) who was about 8. Rob was sitting next to me, but clearly not in the same bench, and he was sitting with one of the kids from family number two. Next to them was the mom and one of the other kids, and in the last seat was the grandma and the youngest kid- who just happened to be very scared. He screamed and cried many times and mainly his family just laughed at him. I opted to wear my poncho with the sleeves rolled up (convince Rob to do the same as well) since the humidity was so high that I knew if we got wet we would not be relieved but instead wet and uncomfortable all day since the air was to heavy to dry us. In any case me and my little buddy got SOAKED. I was so happy to be wearing my poncho- the water was still cold enough to be refreshing though. There were not as many rapids as I had expected so it was a nice and easy ride. Only, it was a little R-rated since grandma didn’t seem to be wearing a bra with her white tank top. Sorry to paint that picture but I wanted to poke out my mind’s eye when I saw it so I figured I would share. Haha! The Dad from the other family was trying very hard not to make eye contact with me or Rob because we all immaturely kept laughing!

Next we headed over to fastpass our next must-ride. It was Dinosaur. While we waited for our fastpass time we headed to Flame Tree BBQ for some lunch and it was delish. (We tried here and Tusker House the first time and I don’t remember much about it- I think we both had some kind of fried chicken sandwich.) We both had smoked chicken with cornbread and beans plus carrot cake for dessert and bottled water. Yum! Afterwards we headed back over to Dinosaur and our time was already there so we jumped right on! Another great host- I love Claire Huxtable! Yay! We liked Dinosaur a lot and were glad we didn’t miss it another time!

Since the humidity was wearing us down we decided for a second vacation in a row to skip the Jammin’ Jungle Parade. We headed to Camp Minnie-Mickey before leaving because I just had to meet Minnie Mouse! We had only been in AK for about 2 and half hours and had accomplished everything we had set out to. Instead of fastpassing and waiting on lines to kill time until the parade, we instead decided to go to the Boardwalk because I really wanted to visit and Rob wanted to use the gym there.

When we made it over to Boardwalk Rob worked out (they didn’t even charge him the $10 fee that CBR told him he would have to pay to use a gym facility since CBR doesn’t have one) and I walked up and down the Boardwalk shopping and looking around. I took some pictures and bought some more stuff. By around 4:00 Rob was out of the gym and we headed back to our resort. Then I freshened up and changed my clothes while Rob showered and cleaned up. 

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