Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part Two 2008: It IS a Small World Afterall

We hadn't been sure if we would be up early and ready to go to a breakfast ressie at Crystal Palace and because of this had both that and lunch ADRs waiting for us. Before bed on our first night we called and canceled the breakfast. We decided to just sleep until we were ready to get up and take it easy. Since lunch was at 11:40 it was a much easier move. 

We headed out to catch the bus to Magic Kingdom. This was one of only 3 times we had to use a bus our entire trip and it conveniently arrived a minute or two after we made it to the bus stop. The trip was super quick. We noticed upon entering that there were some fall colored flags up in MK. Very pretty. We took some pictures on the way up through the castle. I love the feeling of being at the Magic Kingdom. I just can't describe it. In any case, we decided that instead of trying to squish in a ride before lunch we'd be better off just getting a FP for Splash Mountain and hopping on a bunch of attractions after our meal. So to Frontierland it was!

Once we had FP in hand, we walked back to Crystal Palace. We were about 10 minutes early but I remembered reading that you should check in early here. We gave our name and lucky enough, "Dream Along with Mickey" began to play in front of the castle- and we had a great view! I had never seen this show but thought it was cute. We made it up until the Peter Pan part... 10 minutes maybe... We got called in right on time. 

I loved the airy, sunny atmosphere in Crystal Palace! It was so open and inviting in there! For the wait, it was also quite empty. I got a full plate-- fire roasted corn bread, salmon, tomatoe & mozzarella salad, potatoes, and brocoli... oh and part of Rob's whole wheat roll. We had a little dessert but I cant remember what... I want to say some kind of pecan pie and cookies. It was very convienent that as soon as we finished eating Pooh came by! This was one of the best character interactions we've ever had! I just loved Eeyore! Good stuff! Tigger & Piglet still hadn't made it to our side of the restaurant by the time we'd gotten our check and the Splash Mountain FPs were burning a hole in my pocket. We decided to head out and see the park instead of sticking around for a character or two. What a GREAT idea this was!!

After Splash, we were able to WALK ON Big Thunder Mountain Railroad... after BTMRR we were able to WALK ON the Haunted Mansion (which I loved the updates)... after HM we were able to WALK INTO Mickey's Philharmagic (and there was a little Philharmagical Saxaphone Quartet out front). It was just good stuff! By the time we headed out of Philharmagic I realized that if we decided to hit all the Fantasyland rides we would be staying in MK until we had to head over to Epcot for dinner. I suggested heading back to Boardwalk and taking a swim before dinner since it was hawt! Rob liked that idea too as we were planning to come back the following night for Wishes anyhow. 

As we headed out to the buses we saw the BW bus had just pulled up and jogged over to the stop. Only I accidentally dropped our refill mugs and had to stop to pick them up. We were right outside the bus so it was no biggie BUT the comotion must have caught someones attention because as we got on the bus I heard someone shout, "Miss Graff!!!!!!" and when I turned and looked it was one of my 10th graders from last school year! I jumped off the bus, gave him a hug, and said a quick hello-- before we headed off to enjoy the Luna Park Pool!
 It IS a small world after all, huh?

Even though we had a Quiet Pool a hop, skip, and jump away from our room-- we headed to the Luna Park Pool once we were back at Boardwalk and changed! I knew I would want photo documentation of our first pool visit so I took my camera and as I claimed two chairs and grabbed some towels Rob snapped some great shoots! We swam for a solid hour before deciding it would be a wonderful time to try the slide! We ROCKED the Kiester Coaster! This awesome slide was the main reason we ended up not going to a water park on our free day! LOL! Totally sweet! Then, we decided that Leaping Horse Libations was calling our names and grabbed Pina Coladas from the pool bar!

We chilled out for a while, swam a bit more, and at around 4:30 headed back to the room to get dressed and head to Epcot! Also, while we were sitting poolside something I loved and noticed was the Disneyness at the pool! All along the edge there were tiles of Dumbo!!! Sooo cute! It was warm and humid but the pool had cooled us down. We headed towards international gateway and I noticed we had some extra time before our ADR. Rob suggested getting FPs for Soarin' so we strolled over to the land and then back to France for some yummy food! We got back with a few minutes until our 5:30 ressie but were seated right away anyhow, right by the window! Our waitress was named Adeline and was super attentive! We both had AMAZING meals! 

Rob started with Lobster Bisque and I started with a Salad topped with Goat Cheese. I ordered Duck for my entree and it was something I had never eaten before. It was AMAZING! Rob helps me finish most meals and he was eyeing this one from the start! Even though he had some Ribs that smelled equally good! The Duck had come with a side of sweet potatoes with honey sauce and green beans! Super Yummy! We both had Chocolate Tarte for dessert and Adeline took a cute pic of us before we left! We then headed out and through World Showcase towards Future World. We took out time and stopped along the way. 

We still had over an hour before our FPs were ready so we headed to the new and improved Spaceship Earth! I was super psyched for this for VERY good reason! We both really enjoyed this and since we were able to walk on we had a solid half hour left before Soarin! I easily convinced Rob to give Test Track a try. This was probably our longest wait of the trip at 15 minutes. But, since the wait time said 20 minutes I was happy to move so quickly! Rob got a little nervous right before we boarded and I said "Look there is a little kid getting off the ride right now!" and when we looked over he was crying! It was so silly and ironic but in the end Rob LOOOOVED Test Track! It was a huge hit!

After we got out it was time for Soarin' and after our hang-gliding adventure it was just about time for Illuminations! I have to say... we weren't really sure if we were going to ride anything that night because we had thought about some night swimming. But we rode 3 amazing rides, all in a relatively short period of time! Good stuff!

Anyways, we decided to loop around World Showcase the long way so we could stroll around and listen and watch Illuminations. I can still remember exactly how I felt! Watching Rob walk ahead of me, the music, the smell, the fireworks making the "night as bright as day"... it was really cool. We didn't take any pictures and we only stopped a few times but it was perfect! We headed through the UK just as Illuminations ended and lucky for us had beat the crowd.

Of course, we hit the Boardwalk for a while afterwards. We picked up some Salt Water Taffy at Seashore sweets (souvenirs) and each got a Raspberry Slushie! They were soooo good!

And as we returned to our cottage another quote was greating us with the Taffy on our "turned down" bed.

"Slowly, silently, now the moon
Walks the night in her silvery shoon."
From 'Silver' by Walter DeLaMore

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