Saturday, March 17, 2012

Part Five 2008: Eviction Notices

We had made an ADR over at the Yacht Club for breakfast at 9:05 so before we went to bed and called the Innkeeper's Club and asked if they could set us up with a late checkout. We got a call back about 2 minutes later saying the deed was done and we had until noon. So we set a wake up call for 8:00 and got up and headed over to our second yummy breakfast of our trip! This restaurant was cool because you could either buffet it up or order from a menu. As this trip introduced us to the wonders of the WDW buffet bfast we both opted for this.

After we filled on up we settled the bill and asked the waiter to take a quick pic for us (our only pic of the day)!We headed back through the Yacht Club and Beach Club shops. Since Rob had no luck finding his vintage Mickey tee we stopped in the shop on the Boardwalk and he picked up the heather grey one. I also got one that has a Mickey shaped tree and says "Small Change, Big Difference"-- Totally cute and totally true! We hit some of the World Showcase shops for a couple hours as well. 

Once we got back to the room we realized we had another couple hours before checkout so what did we do???? Can anyone guess???? You got it-- back to the Luna Park pool for a few more slides down the Kiester Coaster! After our final swim of the trip we headed back to the room and freshened up for the ride back to NY!

We promptly checked out at noon, painlessly did the airline check-in offered in the lobby, and checked our carry-on bag with Bell Services! Luggage (CHECK!) Check out (CHECK!) Carry On (CHECK!)

Now, we hadn't really decided what we were going to do with our last meal but had originally figured we would hit a CS in the resort area. Instead we decided to check out Big River Grille and see if they had any walk-up seating... lucky for us- they did! We were seated by 1:00 and we told the waiter we only had about 45 minutes since our DME pick up was at 1:50. He said no problem and we enjoyed our last table service meal!

We both opted for Chicken Quesadillas for an appetizer. We had originally gotten this small table against a wall that was really wobbley and had a bad view of the kitchen area so I asked our waiter if he would mind moving us and he was SUPER nice! We ended up with a GREAT seat in front of the window!

Right as our dinner came, for the first time our whole trip the skies opened up and it POURED! I told Rob that it was like the weather had waited for us to be done with our trip!

For entrees Rob got Surf and Turf, while I had Hazelnut chicken... they were both very yummy! I think they both came with steamed veggies and garlic potatoes! Tasty! The dessert came out with about 5 min to spare so we sampled them (cheesecake and chocolate confusion which was chocolate, oreo cake, and lots of other chocolatey chips and sauce that made for a party in my mouth-lol!)

Anyways, OF COURSE I had packed our ponchos in our carryon so we had nothing to weather the rain! Well, our waiter brought us the second door where we were able to do a little sprint and get under the overhang and walk right back into the Boardwalk! It was very sweet actually!

Well, we made it to Bell Services at about 1:45, grabbed our carry-on, and were at the bus stop at exactly 1:50! Perfect timing! The bus was pretty much on time and off we went! Since our flight wasn't until 3:00 we got some drinks and sat in the center of the airport for a while. I noticed the "Earport" and decided to take a peak. Welllll... guess what I found? The shirt Rob wanted in the color he'd been looking for. I waited on the dreadfully long line and they were willing to exchange the one we bought at the Boardwalk! It was so awesome! We also picked up some drinks and a magizine and some Dramamine.

The flight was an uneventful as the flight there and we were back in NY before we knew it! It was a little rocky on the way down and even I needed some medicine but we were back in NY at the Westchester County Airport and the trip was over! But little did I know, the next time we would return it would be as husband and wife as only a few days later with our pup Liam as our witness Rob would propose in the gardens of our favorite park! :)

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