Friday, March 16, 2012

Part Four 2008: San Angel Inn & Cap'n Jack!

Well, we let ourselves sleep in and take our time heading out since we had an 11:45 lunch ADR at our favorite San Angel Inn! We had the perfect amount of time to FP Soarin' before heading into the Mexico pavillion! We both had the Plato Mexicano for our entree- a yummy combo of Quesadilla, Enchilada, and Taco. And for dessert we both had the ice cream! yum!

After our meal we took a boat ride with Panchito, Donald, and Jose on Gran Fiesta Tour (one of my very favs)! And before we left I finally got my 3 Cabelleros Donald stufftee and mug!  
We hopped onto some more no-wait rides: The Seas with Nemo and Friends, then we wandered the Seas for a while and I got a great pic of some Nemo fishies, then Imagination, and then we realized our Soarin' window had opened up so off we went on our hangliding adventure through California!

Once we were satisfied that we had now ridden all we loved in Epcot we headed back through International Gateway one last time!

Since we didn't have our dinner ADR until 4:50 we still had some time so we decided to hit up the Quiet Pool again before heading over to Downtown Disney! After swimming we went back to the room to freshen up and then headed out to grab a bus for Downtown Disney and off we went to dinner at Cap'n Jack's Restaurant in Downtown Disney! 

We were seated by the window right away and our wait Paul actually hailed from the tri-state area (New Jersey)! Rob had the Clam Chowder for an appetizer (it was soooo yummy) and I had the mixed greens salad with papaya vinigrette (also super yum)! I had the Salmon in white wine sauce and Rob had twin Lobster tails. We were both incredibly impressed with the food here! This was "Rob's Choice" of a new restaurant for us and it was a great one! Paul took a few pics of us to try and get the great view in and we snapped a few to remember our great meal! 

Then off we went to shop!! We pretty much got all of our shopping done this day and pretty much checked out every store.  After we had thoroughly emptied our wallets we headed back to our home away from home and decided to swim in the Luna Park pool again! We couldn't get enough of it! On our way back Rob was able to get super close to a Disney bunny!! And after we dried off we headed over to the Boardwalk for one last night of slushies and Carlo the Amazing!

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