Tuesday, March 20, 2012

App Review: Buses, Boats, and Monorails

Buses, Boats and Monorails it the must-have Disney transportation app! It can help you find your way to virtually any park, restaurant, or resort from any other park, restaurant, or resort on Disney property! This really is a must-have for first time Disney park visitors and even for veterans trying new hotels and dining options!

The easiest way for me to show you is to literally show you how awesome this app is! Check out my screen shot search along below:

The homescreen gives you to first choose your location.
In this case, I chose our upcoming hotel- Grand Floridian Resort. 
Once you click "select" you then chose your destination.  I chose to work with restaurants and since I am so excited about seeing Remy at dinner I picked Chefs de France. 

You then chose Show Directions and voila! Your options are laid out right there for you! (I know, this was an easy once because I already knew to monorail right into Epcot but it also shows you all other means of transportation you can take!)

And then let's say you aren't sure where the monorail stop is at Grand Floridian? Choose the maps at the bottom to be directed to park and resort maps! How handy!!?

I love this app! For under a dollar you can't afford not to make your trip that much easier by having this pocket transportation guide with you at all times! ;)

Buses, Boats, and Monorails was developed by and is brought to you by Where in Disney World?- check them out on Facebook!

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