Thursday, March 22, 2012

App Review: Daily Disney Did You Know?

Looking for your daily dose of Disney? Well, look no further! This app is full of tips, tricks, trivia and more! There is tons to check out since they catalog the past tips for you to go through (conveniently organized) and include a user submission area for you to share your favorite tips & tricks!

My favorite part of this app is the trivia.  I love how the question and answer are on the screen at the same time but the answer hidden so you can answer it in your head before checking to see if you are correct! It makes it easy to play on your own when you are waiting in line at a grocery store or sitting at the bank drive-thru while you wait for someone to deposit their life savings and ask the teller 42 questions.

Daily Disney was developed by and is brought to you by Where in Disney World?- check them out on Facebook! You can download it through the iTunes store for just $0.99!! Like the other Where in Disney World apps we have been reviewing this week, this is easy to use and fun to play with.  In my experience with all of these apps they have been glitch-free and worked as intended.

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