Monday, March 12, 2012

Part One 2008: Year of a Million Dreams Come True!

As always we were up and at 'em early and our plane arrived in Orlando on time at around 10:50am and we made a quick pit stop before boarding the tram, heading downstairs and over to DME check-in. This was the first time that we actually had to wait on a line for this and I must say that I was a bit impatient. We headed to our line and soon enough we were off! And after a quick stop at Caribbean Beach, which I thought was fitting since we stayed there last year, we headed to our new Home Away from Home at the Boardwalk!

As I gave our name at the front desk our CM, Dennis, mentioned that our address was not on file so we gave him that and our phone number. He then said there was a note on our account! We gave eachother a "who bounced the check" look at waited as he walked away. He came back with who I could only guess was a hotel manager.

She told us that we had won a "Magical Moment" from the Front desk at Boardwalk Inn as part of the Year of a Million Dreams. We were both shocked when she said this and just kept listening. She told us we had been upgraded from the Standard View room we had paid for to a Concierage Level, Garden View, Cottage Suite!!! And she handed us a certificate.  I fully gripped  it in my hand, about as excited as a kid on Christmas. And Dennis began to explain the amenities of being a Concierage Level guest and gave us instead of one folder with park/hotel maps, calendar, and documents- a second one for our YOMD Magical Moment stuff! It was def the coolest thing thats happened to me up until that moment... like ever!!! Rob shot a pic of me in all my glory and I took a picture of the "Innkeepers Club" (Concierage lounge) paperwork as well.

Dennis continued to tell us things I already new about ADRs and the parks and how your Key to the World works and I humored him because I was SO excited! Funny thing was-- we had know idea what any of the descriptions meant and we were thrilled anyways! We were incredibly excited to find out that this fabulous upgrade gave us a VIP gold Key to the World. After we got everything squared away we were told that our room would be ready around 3 so to call and get our room number then. We were happy with this as we had planned to head into MGM for the afternoon anyhow. 

As we headed out of the lobby onto the Boardwalk we couldn't help but keep gushing over how lucky we were. We were totally beside ourselves as we headed out onto the Boardwalk. It was beautiful and humid out and we were taken aback by the gorgeousness of our resort! We stopped at the Boardwalk Bakery to grab our refill mugs which we got filled with water and Ice Tea. Then we headed to our first park of the trip and decided to walk it from the Boardwalk. 

We took a leisurely stroll through MGM and headed to the ABC Comissionary. We have never had a bad meal here and its one of my favorite counter services. I had a scrumptious Asian salad which is always on the menu and constantly renamed-- I wish I had one right now! It was so good and it was called the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Asian Salad" Rob's burger was called the "Ugly Betty Cheeseburger". I heart Ugly Betty. Anyways we decided to hop on the Backlot Tour as we had never done this. It was a lot of fun but very long! Rob wasn't impressed by the movie artifacts as I was! LOL!

Afterwards we headed for the Great Movie Ride. Funny enough I saw my favorite movie artifact here! Mary Poppins horse! Good stuff! We got the gangster version like last time but this time had a girl gangster. I forgot how cool the little video at the end is! We hadn't ridden since 2006 but I think the video was updated because I feel like I saw some much more recent film clips. 

We couldn't decide what to do next as we saw a tip board which showed Toy Story at a now 80 minute wait so we decided to just loop around the other side of the park towards Hollywood Blvd and see if anything caught our fancy. We took some pictures and shopped around. As we came out towards the hat, what did we see coming down the street right in front of us? Block Party Bash! Again, I don't know why we didn't take any pictures! The Mike & Sully float hung out in front of where we were standing the longest. We were cracking up people watching the non-costumed dancers on the float. There was this one girl we kept watching who was so energetic and it was just funny. I guess we were too distracted to take any pictures.

Rob started to get hungry even though we had only been in the park for a few hours it was hot and a long start to the day. We just headed to Hollywood Brown Derby early to see if we could be seated for our ADR. Low and Behold we were able to sit right down. It was about 4:30 but we were still hungry and this place was gorgeous! We had a great seat that sort of overlooked the main dining area. We had a really fun time trying to identify the people on the wall... all I can remember that we saw for sure were Tom Hanks and Chevy Chase. LOL!

Our meals were both phenomenal. Although, I still felt as though it was a little much to have to give up 2 TS credits for this meal- on this trip we had booked free DDP and upgraded to the Deluxe plan so this was no big deal since it was our arrival day anyhow! I had something called Mixed Field Greens with midnight moon goat cheese for my appetizer... there were beans and candied pecans and other yummy things in it. My entree was Split Roasted Half Chicken with rice pilaf and some cranberry-maple flavored sauce. My dessert here was the best dessert I had of the whole trip it was a Banana Tower and had layers of banana cake, chocolate, and it was topped with bananas foster. Rob had Lobster Bisque for his appy, a NY Strip Steak that was super rare, just the way he likes it and I believe he had some kind of raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

We had signed up for the Fantasmic Dining Package so Jerry, our waiter, came by and explained while we were finishing up. By now it inching closer to 6 and we were both itching to see our room! After we settled the bill (we left cash tips this trip to make it easier) we stopped to see the price of the Brown Derby caricatures out front but we weren't $25 impressed so we headed out. We were super excited when we called BWI and the CM told us to head right into room 1203!

It wasn't long before we were back in the lobby... a little unsure where to find the "Garden View Cottage Suites" so we stopped a very friendly man at the Bell Services desk who said "Oooo you have a great location" when I told him our room number. He instructed us to head down the hall and out the door and there we were. Complete with mailbox and daily delivery of the paper (Rob noticed that we got the NY Times-- we wondered if it was because we were NYers??) We flabergasted at the fact that we had a front yard on our room! We eagerly headed inside! After checking the whole place out, Rob snapped tons of pics and I called my parents! lol!

After basking in the luxury that was our room we decided to check out the Innkeepers Club (Boardwalk’s Concierge Lounge). It was very conveniently located- once we walked up the stairs and back in the main building, their was an elevator right there to take up to the 4th floor. We both had a drink and it was then we decided not to use our Fantasmic Dining Package reserved seating. We were so excited about the Boardwalk and it was already after 7pm. We stepped out on the balcony at the lounge and snapped a few pics. We could see Epcot's Eiffel Tower towering above the trees and notices a Quiet Pool was a stone's throw from our room! Perfect location!

As the sun began to set we headed back to the room and freshened up a bit (we both wanted to change but we had wanted to check out the Lounge first)!  Then we were off to explore the Boardwalk. We shopped around for a few hours and then returned to find we had gotten free turn down service with the upgrade. 

The postcard left on our bed the first night fittingly read:
"Your silvery beams will bring love dreams,
We'll be cuddling soon, by the silvery moon."

From 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon' by Edward Madden

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