Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I smell Disney!

Once upon a time I started upcycling candles at home and found a real market for the scents I was creating.  I found that I could easily recreate some of my favorite smells from Walt Disney World by playing around with fragrance combos and I had a great time doing it. 

Being this was a side crafting venture of mine, when another etsy shop who was working with me for contests right here on Picturing Disney and I talked about our businesses and I shared my "recipe" I didn't realize what would come next.  She stole my idea, my scent combinations, and being she had more resources she was able to branch out, package them faster and cheaper and very quickly I found myself selling off my candles in a few bundles just to clear out my shop.  I was devastated and when I asked her about it she said she blew me off and expanded her line. 

When I was in my favorite craft store a couple weeks ago I saw some affordable base wax and decided to grab some. Then I stumbled across my leftover jars from years ago.  It felt like a meant to be match.  So I decided to start clean and go back to my handmade roots.  I peeled off my old labels, handwrote new ones, poured a half dozen candles, and offered up a discount in my etsy shop to account for the supply cost going down.

Right now I have my first mini batch for sale on Etsy with more to come soon! If you are looking for a specific scent- message me or request a custom order and I will put it on my short list! 

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