Thursday, October 15, 2015

Designer Fairytale Collection

Who are my doll collectors out there?
I am a big kid at heart and have never outgrown my doll loving phase.

Lucky for me, Disney has come out with some terrific designer doll collections over the past few years.  This is not lucky for my wallet!  I also live in a New York City apartment so I have limited room and need to temper my shopping.

The Disney Designer Fairytale Collection dolls are everything you would expect from Disney.  Beautiful, true to character and a joy to look at!  The first sets flew off the shelves moments after being available in store and online at the Disney Store.  The secondary market for these dolls is hot. Collectors are always searching ebay looking for their favorites from the collection.

I was shocked to see that Peter Pan and Captain Hook and Rapunzel and Mother Gothel from the newest collection (just released) are still available online!  I am sure this is because Disney released a bunch of dolls this week including a stunning Aladdin and Jasmine wedding set.  Everyone had to pick and choose from their favorites.

If you are interested go to .  Search for Disney Designer Fairy Tale Collection.   The dolls retail for $129.95 and if you use the code SHIPMAGIC the shipping is free.
Hope you have a magical shopping experience and the doll of your choice is available to bring home.

PS:  I might have snuck this one into the apartment when my husband was not looking!

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