Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In the Bag- My Disney Park Purse Essentials

I don't know why but when I get a new magazine I always flip to the back.  Maybe its the instant gratification of a quick, witty article or maybe I was so well trained by Seventeen that I should read my horoscope back in 7th grade that its now a learned behavior... who knows? All I know is the last time I flipped to the back of one of my favorites I realized how much I love their feature of what is inside various celebrities purses.  I thought it would be fun to share what's inside MY Disney Park bag.

If you are a Disney Park veteran it will be fun to compare and if you are planning your first trips maybe it will help you decide what you think are every park-going woman's must carry accessories. Use the numbers in the image with the key below:
1- Sunglasses!
2- BandAids (In the parks I always carry some Disney Band Aids and a couple Blister Band Aids- they are magic if anyone gets a blister with all the walking around!)
3- Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets... these are great for people who wear makeup and people who don't.  I love the way they work and if you are out for a long day and feel like your hair is getting oily they also work great!
4- Tide to Go... this is essential in my everyday life, I always carry one of these and in a place with so many photo ops it is a MUST!
5- Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel- my fave is Pocket Bac by Bath and Body Works.  They have great scents and work awesome.
6- Travel Size Hand Lotion- I also usually go with Bath & Body Works here because I like to pic a scent each trip and pick up a shower gel, lotion, and mini spray to use during the trip.  Then when I am feeling Disney withdrawal and have run out of Disney hotel shampoo and shower gel I can close my eyes use my trip-scent and pretend I am back at the Boardwalk or the Poly. :)
7- Sunscreen! I like Neutrogena but also am not a person who gets burned so be sure to bring your favorite!
8- Hair accessories.  For me thats a couple elastics, a few bobbi pins, and a clip... they are all small and then I am ready no matter how I wear my hair that day.
9- Carabiner... I was so thrilled to find a mickey shaped one! I like to clip a carabiner to my bag and then on the way out of the hotel in the morning as I sip coffee, tea, or whatever tickles my fancy from my refill mug I don't have to worry about what to do when I am done.  I make sure its empty, close the lid, clip it on and then I can be hands free!
10- All my Disney Plastic: Key to the World, Disney Visa Rewards Card, Disney Gift Cards, and Special Events tickets
11- I am not a high-maintenance girl but I always throw a couple bangles and a neutral bracelet in my bag so that if I forget to accessorize and wish I had I can slip them on
12- Chapstick! I still am so in love with Lip Smackers- particularly Dr. Pepper flavor but lately I have been loving Bubble & Geek... obviously Butterbeer flavor is from Harry Potter but Paopu Fruit is the magic fruit from Kingdom Hearts (it made my Disney geek day to find that one).
13- Ms. Manicure mini nail files... I am pretty low maintenance but these are the size of a matchbook and come in handy just in case!
14- Compact Digital Camera- Even if I bring my compact DSLR I always put my small camera in my bag and a couple extra memory cards- JUST IN CASE.  Trust me, you do not want to end up buying a new card or battery in the park!

Camera Shy (Items I always carry but didn't have on hand for my picture):
15- PARK MAPS! AND A TIMES GUIDE! Always the first thing I grab on my way into the park (and I grab fresh ones in the lobby of my hotel for scrapbooking on my walk of shame when I am leaving).
16- I always carry gum or mints no matter where I am and if you have medication that you should carry close by that is a given but if you have some people in your party prone to motion-sickness you may want to consider Dramamine 2 or one of the other non-drowsy formulas.
17- Ponchos! I alway grab some of the disposable ponchos from Coleman or one of the other camping brands when I see them in Target for trips.  They are great- super compact and under $1! I usually bring about 6 each trip so we can just toss them after the storm passes.
18- Water.  I drink water all day and either pour my leftovers into my refill mug or squeeze a bottle into my bag at all times. If you have your family with you and have young kids this probably also includes snacks, baby food, juice, or bottles. 
19- If you are into pressed pennies the change in my picture just won't due- find some clean pennies and grab a bunch of quarters and stick them in a change purse or a film canister to keep them separate. (And in that breathe if you have a small child you will probably have to throw in a toy or too just in case.)
20- Cell Phone.  I have a love/hate relationship with this.  I am adept at the use of technology but tend to immediately unplug when I get in the Disney bubble whether I meant to or not.  Forget to charge my phone and realize it died 2 days ago is an issue I find myself with in the parks.  I can't help it.  Overall I am not attached to my phone so that may just be a magnified version of that. 

What do you think?? What didn't make the cut in my bag that is a must for you??


  1. One thing I always carry now is ziploc bags - that way when we go on a water ride like Splash Mountain with my bag, I can put my camera and my cell phone in a ziploc bag so I don't have to worry about them getting wet, even if water gets through my purse! Because I wear contacts I also carry eye drops with me as well, in case my eyes get dry. Oh, and I keep at least one vinylmation with me for trading in the parks :)

    1. I totally bring a ziploc too! Great minds think alike! I use the ziploc I pack all my toiletries in for TSA actually! lol!

  2. All that, minus bracelets, and add baby wipes! They are good if you are hot, sticky, a bit dirty, spill something on your clothes...Ziploc too. Love that you mentioned change for pressed pennies! Usually have 1 towel as well in case someone gets extra wet on a ride, sits on a wet seat, etc.