Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In My Bag- Twenty Essentials For the Perfect Disney Park Bag

Twenty Essentials for the perfect Disney Park Bag

When I get a new magazine I always flip to the back. Is it the instant gratification of a quick, witty article or was I so well trained by Seventeen Magazine to read my horoscope back in the 7th grade? 

The last time I flipped to the back of one of my favorite magazines I realized how much I love the feature of what is inside celebrity purses.  I thought it would be fun to share what's inside MY Disney Park bag.

If you are a Disney Park veteran it will be fun to compare!
If you are planning your first trip maybe this will help you decide what essentials to pack.

What's Inside My Disney Park bag:

*Match the numbers below to the picture above.

1- Sunglasses
2- BandAids- (Disney Band Aids) and Blister Band Aids- are magic if anyone gets a blister from all the walking!
3- Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets- Absolutely essential in the humid Florida weather.
4- Tide to Go- I always carry one of these.  With so many photo-ops you can't afford to get a stain front and center.
5- Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel- my fave is Pocket Bac by Bath and Body Works.  
6- Travel Size Hand Lotion- I normally pick a scent from Bath & Body Works and buy a shower gel, lotion, and mini spray for the trip. Later, when I am feeling Disney withdrawal I close my eyes and via my trip-scent I am instantly transported back to the Magic Kingdom.
7- Sunscreen- You cannot survive in Disney without it.
8- Hair accessories- A couple elastics, a few bobbie pins, and a clip. 
9- Carabiner- I have a Mickey shaped one! I like to clip a carabiner to my bag and then on the way out of the hotel in the morning as I sip coffee or tea from my refill mug I don't have to worry about what to do when I am done.  I make sure its empty, close the lid, clip it on and I am hands free!
10- All my Disney Plastic: Disney Visa Rewards Card, Disney Gift Cards, and Special Events tickets
11-I always throw a couple bangles and a neutral bracelet in my bag so that if I forget to accessorize  I can slip them on
12- Chapstick- I am in love with Lip Smackers- particularly Dr. Pepper flavor.
13- Ms. Manicure mini nail files- the size of a matchbook and come in handy!
14- Compact Digital Camera- I always have a small camera in my bag with extra memory cards...JUST IN CASE.  Trust me, you do not want to buy a new card or battery in the park!

Camera Shy (Items I carry but didn't have on hand for my picture):

15- Park Maps and a time guide- Always the first thing I grab on my way into a park.
16- Gum, mints and a granola bar for quick snacks on the run.
17- Ponchos! I alway grab disposable ponchos from Coleman or one of the other camping brands when I see them in Target.  They are super compact and under $1! I bring about 6 each trip so we can toss them after the storm passes.
18- Water
19- Portable cell phone charger
20- Baby wipes- super convenient and good for everything under the hot Florida sun

What didn't make the cut in my bag that is a must for you? 
Drop me a line to let me know!


  1. One thing I always carry now is ziploc bags - that way when we go on a water ride like Splash Mountain with my bag, I can put my camera and my cell phone in a ziploc bag so I don't have to worry about them getting wet, even if water gets through my purse! Because I wear contacts I also carry eye drops with me as well, in case my eyes get dry. Oh, and I keep at least one vinylmation with me for trading in the parks :)

    1. I totally bring a ziploc too! Great minds think alike! I use the ziploc I pack all my toiletries in for TSA actually! lol!

  2. All that, minus bracelets, and add baby wipes! They are good if you are hot, sticky, a bit dirty, spill something on your clothes...Ziploc too. Love that you mentioned change for pressed pennies! Usually have 1 towel as well in case someone gets extra wet on a ride, sits on a wet seat, etc.