Monday, October 19, 2015

Park Style: Super Easy Braided Crown Tutorial

I found this amazingly easy tutorial on My Yellow Sandbox and had to try it.  I don't even have words for how easy to do it was AND how well it held out.  

I saw this when I was looking for a nice special occasion style and I braided my hair for my brother's rehearsal dinner.  It was a great night and I was so pleased with this style (and got lots of compliments)! The A/C wasn't working right so it was pretty warm in there and it still held up! I had the hair stylist at the wedding the following day straighten my hair and pull part of it back but I was so in love with this style I think I liked it even better than the professional! Annnd I think it looks cute from the front and side as much as from the back.  I am already ready to wear my hair like this for a nice dinner with my hubby on my next trip! 

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