Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let the scent take you back: Disney World Inspired Candles!

When I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets a few months ago I came across the light blue mugs from the ceramic M. Mouse Collection dinnerware I bought when my husband and I first moved in together.  Being a mug collector we never even unpacked the mugs which came from the dinnerware we had purchased.  I had been itching to try upcycling all my favorite candle scents ever since I had read about it online.  Basically, you use votives, tarts, tea lights and other candles from packs that you have accrued along with leftover portions of candles you no longer burned and can create your own new and fantastic scents by added scented oils and unscented waxes! I was super excited to put a Disney twist on it! I have all shapes and sizes and even created my own labels! And I got so into and my candled got so popular I picked up all sorts of jars and created all sorts of scents!!

Since I love to share how I create my homemade magic here is a step-by-step on the creation of my candle line! The only scents currently available are Mickey Waffles, Philharmagic Cherry Pie, and a redesigned Polynesian Resort as well as Florida Project... but I expanded to making some really awesome Harry Potter inspired scents and candle holders: Luna Lovegood, Hermione <3 Ron, and Snape illuminated candle holder! 

(But I had created the following scents along the way to give you an idea: Yacht & Beach Club, Polynesian, Boardwalk, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Caribbean Beach Resort, Boardwalk Bakery, Mickey Waffles, Epcot Churros, World Showcase Margarita, Philharmagic Cherry Pie, Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, and Orange Bird Citrus Swirl.)

First you must either use a double boiler (or two old pots like I did) boiling water in one and adding to the empty pot the wax you want to melt for your new scent.  By my second wave I decided to buy foil pans that I could use as double boilers instead (I bought bread tins) and utilized the same concept.

Next, you make sure your wax has completely melted and your mug is completely clean.  Place a new wick (you can purchase them at craft stored) carefully in the bottom of the mug and pour in wax.  (I did not glue my wax in so that customers who burn their candles down can repurpose the mug back to drinking when they are done and have dishwashed them!)

 Then you need to let your candles set.  I had mine sit overnight before I even cleaned them up and packed them up to make sure all the wax had hardened!

Once your candle is completely hardened you can burn as you wish.  I recommend letting sit for 24 hours to ensure candle is ready!

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  1. How were you able to get all the combinations to get the right scents? :0