Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Joffrey's at Food & Wine Fest

As you know, here at Picturing Disney we are huge fans of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival as well as huge fans of the offerings from our sponsor, Joffrey's.  (Which reminds me: Did you know that the Tea Traders Cafe opened in Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, this summer??) 

In any case, back to Food & Wine Fest... the beverages found in World Showcase rival all the food offerings and Joffrey's coffee and tea creations are not only fan but person favorites! As you can guess from the giant image at the top of this article, my FAVORITE is the frozen Chai with Baileys! I can't recommend this drink enough! Want more details on the Joffrey's offerings, read on and click here.

From Joffrey's: 

Joffrey's is proud to sponsor the epic Food & Wine Event at Epcot.  Joffrey's will offer specialty drinks in the passport, and other events to be announced.  We welcome you to stop by and taste a twist on our artisan coffee creations just for adults, plus there are always giant donuts for the kids!

Joffrey's Coffee & Espresso Kiosks during Epcot’s Food & Wine 2015:
·         World Showcase Entrance:    It's back, the signature fan favorite.  Hot, Iced, or Frozen Chai Latte with Bailey’s Irish Crème® or Grey Goose Vodka® (passport)
·         The American Adventure:   Frozen Strawberry-Lemon Sunset:  Frozen Strawberry and lemon, topped with Grey Goose Vodka®  (passport)
·         Test Track (Future World):   Iced Coffee Dream:  Our bold roast coffee, chilled and iced with light cream, topped with Bailey’s Irish Crème® and whipped cream (also available Hot)
·         World Showcase between Canada & UK:  Tropical Delight: Frozen Mango with Coconut syrup and Grey Goose Vodka® (passport)

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