Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wish I Were Here! Fall 2011 Trip Report: Day 3

Our 3rd day brought us to Disney Hollywood Studios for my first visit ever to the Hollywood Tower Hotel!!!

As always on vacation, I was the first one up.  I sneaked out onto our balcony and enjoyed a bottle of water and filled out my Passporter (I am a crazy scrapbooker and love to save maps and reciepts and tickets and such.  Passporters are great for that.  Plus I like to jot down things I remember so I can refresh my memory later- quotes and stories and general awesomeness).  I enjoyed seeing the light stretch out across the Boardwalk resort.  I snuck back in and got dressed and then contemplated grabbing a coffee to watch the rest of the resort wake up.  After everyone started waking up since I stopped at the gift shop, I don't remember what I went looking for but I came back with a sweet Boardwalk refill cup for me to use at work and a double shooter for my husband that has Goofy on it lifting up a barbell and says "I'm no dumb bell" LOL!

We all geekily put on Mickey Mouse shirts and headed over to the park by way of the boat launch at the Boardwalk.  It was drizzling again or we would have walked, its a longer walk but a nice one.

Once we arrived at the park we grabbed Fast Passes for Rock N Rollercoaster and then went over to Tower of Terror.  Since I have never ridden and it was a 10 minute wait it worked out perfect!  The boys grabbed breakfast at Sunset Market and the girls headed off to Tower of Terror.  It was everything I hope and more!!!!

We headed around the park and took advantage of all the under 15 minute waits including Great Movie Ride and Star Tours.  Then we redeemed our FPs before lunch!

We grabbed lunch at ABC Commissary which is a personal favorite and then finished our rounds in the park.  We walked back around towards Backlot Tour and then worked our way up through Streets of America.  We planned to go to Magic Kingdom for EMH after dinner and decided to park hop right over and get some fast passes first.  We hopped on the train since Donal's leg was hurting him and decided to ride Big Thunder Mountain before heading over to Wilderness Lodge.  We made our way to the boat launch, stopping for some shopping along the way and headed over to WCC!

The hotel was great and I have always been turned off to it because for only a small amount more I can stay at a deluxe with monorail or walking paths to major parks.

It was perfect to visit and our meal, although not particularly special since we had to wait quite a while, was delish! We all loved our food and our dessert annnnd while we waited to be seated the front desk was nice enough to print our boarding passes for us for our flight the following evening since we hit the 24 hour mark.  The best park of my meal was the dessert- I had an Apple Caramel Pie and a caramel shake and a cup of tea... lol. I had the Canyon Skillet for dinner which was a bit of a sampler but my husband ate most of mine! lol

After we were done we headed right back over to Magic Kingdom.  We had gotten to spend a lot of time in Fantasyland and Adventureland during the Halloween Party so we went for Tomorrowland this evening, but first stopped at the new (at the time) Mickey meet and greet at Town Square! I was dying to meet Maestro Mickey since I had done the Princess meet and greet here in the Spring! I loved it and the whole party loved our picture!

Once we hit Tomorrowland we got a rare glimpse at Space Mountain with the lights on! We snapped a few pictures and it just cemented my fear of decapitation on that crazy ride! LOL! We caught some of the parade as we looped around the People Mover and we hit the low crowd rides that we could walk on. We looped into Fantasyland and then through Adventureland where me and Daisy enjoyed some Dole Whips.

As the evening started to wind down and the second parade was about to make its round we decided to head out and spend our final evening wandering the Boardwalk.  I snapped a few pictures as we made our way down Main Street USA and secretly told Walt I would be back soon!

Back at the Boardwalk the 4 of us piled into the photobooth and we had a few drinks before retreating to the room.  One last morning, one last afternoon, and we'd be heading home to New York.

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