Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wish I Were Here! Fall 2011 Trip Report: Day 2

After our lovely first day chock full of food, fun, and fantasy we started off day 2 with a character breakfast at Cape May Cafe.  This was the 2nd time all of us had stayed at Boardwalk Inn, me and Mickey were there in 2008 and Daisy & Donald in 2009.  We had done this breakfast back during our first trip but Donald was not one of the featured characters and the rest of our crew hadn't tried it so we headed over to the Beach Club around 9am.

As always, this character meal did not disappoint and we headed straight over to Animal Kingdom for a wild afternoon when we were done. 

We headed out to ride Dinosaur first and then headed back through Asia to ride Everest. We stopped for a meet and greet with Meeko from Pocahontas! I have never met him and love that movie so I was glad we stumbled upon it! I also bought my most awesome Disney purchase to date at Chester and Hester's as we walked through the park actually (picture coming up).  

Then we headed off to see Festival of the Lion King.  This was the first time for all of us and we looooooooooooooooooooove love LOVED it!!!! I have always meant to see this show but for some reason had never gone and we were so pleasantly surprised.  It was a great way to end our Animal Kingdom morning/afternoon.

Hungry for some more food and wine festival we headed back to Epcot with a quick stop at our hotel first since it was getting overcast and starting to look like it may rain! 

We were ready for more fun in Epcot! We had lunch at Teppan Edo which was great fun since Mickey and I had not been there since it was refurbed and just as we stepped outside we ran into two of my friends grabbing some beer!! It was an amazing coincidence!

We looped around World Showcase 2 or 3 times, stopped to grab some awesome souvenirs. (I got a really great shirt in the American pavillion, a Gran Fiesta tour tee & a cute little owl for Daisy in the Mexico pavillion and some great UK merch for my sister!)  Then we hit up our fave rides once again and all the while we were tallying points on a points card Donald & Daisy had downloaded as part of a Drink (& Eat) Around the World game.  

Once dinner time rolled around we stopped at La Cantina de San Angel and somehow we ended up having consumed more Shrimp Tacos, sushi, Chicken Souvlaki, Fisherman's Pie,  Chocolate Lava Cake, and Green Tea Slushies... and thats just what I remember off the top of my head (we WERE all trying to win a game afterall)!  

By sunset Donald, Daisy, and Mickey were downing all the Club Cool sodas as bonus points to decide the winner! I can't remember who won but I do remember that Donald bought me and Daisy some super awesome chapstick!!! (If Ive never mentioned this before I LOVE lip smackers Dr. Pepper and they have Cherry Coke and Fanta and lots of awesome crazy flavors at Club Cool!)

We decided to head back to Boardwalk for some 1920s Atlantic fun! We ended up having a blast! We had dried off from the earlier drizzle and decided to rent a surrey bike.  It was a workout! Man even with 4 people some of those hills were steep... although we were a little "full".  We surreyed around passed Beach Club and Yacht Club and made it back just over the time limit so we meandered around the Boardwalk itself for some of the performers and some shopping.  Then we headed back to our room and made the poor decision to order Florida pizza since we were hungry and the restaurants were closed. Florida pizza is just not good. lol. I have no other words for this than that.  But it was fun and funny and we ended our 2nd day just as it started- with fun and laughter!

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