Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best Photo Spots: Animal Kingdom

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The great thing about Animal Kingdom is how different things look from close up and far away! 

Be sure to take A LOT Of pics of that Tree of Life.  The view you get from when you first stumble upon to the etchings and carvings that you can see come to life as you walk up to the It’s Tough to be a Bug area are an incredible photo opportunity!

Also, be on the lookout for tons of different amazing photo ops while you are having a day filled with animal-sized fun in the sprawling Animal Kingdom Park!

Here are some tips for some great photo spots and opportunities in the park:

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  • Don’t forget to have a big memory card! You may think at first there is an image that looks clear that turns out blurry or that looks blurry and it turns out clear.  The best place to decide is back at home so have lots of space for Discovery Island and Kilimanjaro Safari shots!
  • See the signs! These are great not just for albums but for when you want to flip through your pictures and remember every part of the parks!
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  • Bring your camera on tours unless you are explicitly told not to! The Wild Africa Trek even had a photopass photographer in our group, but I still loved taking pictures of my own along the way!

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  • Keep an eye out for easy hop-in scenes! You can find them along your route and they make great memories!

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  • Don’t underestimate the fun of a queue shot! There are so many pieces beforehand that you may otherwise overlook. Never underestimate the power of a good landscape shot either!

Do you have any photo tips for the Animal Kingdom? Favorite spots your family always stops for a picture? I would love to hear them in the comment box below!

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