Monday, November 5, 2012

Mondays Bite! Easy Acorn Donut Holes Recipe!

Disney Family Fun Easy Fall Acorn Donut Recipe

Want a fun and tasty easy Fall treat? Try this adaptation of a Disney Family Fun recipe! It’s sure to please every nut in your family tree! And it would also be a great dessert for a Chip & Dale themed party or for the Rescue Rangers fan in the house (maybe that’s a stretch but I had to give a shout out to my 90s kids in the house)!
1 box of glazed doughnut holes
Chocolate sprinkles (or the fall colors mix)
Pretzels sticks
1.  Coat the top 3rd of your donut hole with Nutella
2.  Dip into sprinkles so they cover the frosting (may need a quick touch up afterwards)
3.  Poke an approx. 1inch piece of pretzel through middle of frosted side of acorn
4.  Repeat for entire box of donut holes and serve! 
Don't over-make these because the pretzels will go stale if you hold onto them overnight! They are so easy they can be made in 10 minutes before company comes over though! :]

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