Monday, November 12, 2012

Cinderella & Cars Themed Gifts for your favorite Prince & Princess!

This holiday season Disney continues its tradition of being #1 on every kids wishlist! Throughout my lifetime I can never remember a time when the Disney label did not mean a high quality high fun toy and this season is no different!  With the new dress up addition of the Light-Up Cinderella Dress and the Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway Trackset both your little princess and your little prince are in for hours of fun without blowing your budget!

Cinderella Light Up Dress

Girls can celebrate the magic of Cinderella firsthand by transforming into their favorite Disney Princess with the Cinderella Light-Up Dress from CDI.  The stunning blue dress features silver trim and motion-activated magical light that illuminate the dress, creating an enchanting effect as she dances and twirls.  Ages 3+.

Every little darling will feel like Cinderella in this dress.  The material is high quality, just like the dress up dresses that can be found in Disney Stores and the button is not cumbersome or placed in a way that will bother children and you don't need to press it for the light up fun- it is motion activated when turned on!  It has a velcro back closure which will help most kids within the age range fit into it comfortably (the package says 3-6).  I think the older or bigger the child is they just may not be able to wear this one over their clothes.

The best part about this dress is the light up feature! I could literally imagine little Mel getting her dress up clothes on and closing my eyes to pretend I was just transformed by my fairy godmother! Bippity Boppity Bo!

Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway

See just what these dynamic Cars Micro Drifters can do on the new Micro Drifters Super Speedway from Mattel.  This motorized set provides a variety of driving surfaces that replicated the films' famous race scenes so kids can keep the on-screen fun at home.  In the end there can only be one winner, and with the flip of a small lever, kids can see who places first, second, and third.  Track comes with 1 Micro Drifters vehicle and requires 2 "C" batteries.  Additional sets of Micro Drifters sold separately.  Ages 4+.

This set is super fun because, first of all, all teeny tiny micro cars are adorable and I would buy more myself just to collect them in all their cute glory! But the coolest thing about it is the "drifter" part.  Just like race cars drift around the track and sometimes spin out or hit walls, so may your race car! You line them up to go through this motorized area which propels your car into the racetrack and as is races around turns you really get to see what it can handle!

Another awesome part about this track is the super quick set up! All the pieces match up with numbers and the stickers go on lickety split! You can have it set up and moving in just a few minutes! I am notorious for not reading directions in these situations and it went together super fast.

Unlike other high priced tracks that require lots of pieces and time and different sets you have everything you need right in the box with the super speedway- you may just want to grab an extra pack of cars! It comes with a Lightening McQueen but you can buy additional 3 packs (and the track has space for 6 cars to sit and wait for their chance to race)!

Bottomline: You can pick up either or both of these for the pricetag of $30.00 each right now.  I linked to them on Amazon and Target seemed to carry both as well as a number of other retailers.  When you are toy shopping and play shopping its important to know that you are getting your money's worth and that your child can get hours and days and weeks of playtime out of these items.  If the fact that this 29 year old is still a child at heart and sat down and played with the racetrack for over an hour without a glitch and tested the integrity of the plastic and the dress material and came away thinking that I would totally buy these as gifts for my niece and nephews is not enough to convince you then I don't know what is! These are great gift choices this holiday season! :)

Disney Consumer Products sent me these products to review. 

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