Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Soul Restoration - Disney Style

If you're a Disney Parks fan you'll know what I am talking about.
I get off of the plane, and I don't even have my luggage yet but I can feel my body relax. 

One day ago I said that I would think about some ideas for work and give it some attention during my vacation. Work has already left my mind. I get to my room and drop my bags. Immediately I remember what a carefree existence feels like. It won't matter if I miss the next bus or boat. I won't care if I miss a certain ride because the line is long, I can go tomorrow, or not. 

I can't peel the smile from my face. I've been on other vacations. I have seen other remarkable places and experienced a range of incredible things. It's not cliche when I say there's magic here. I don't say it to get preachy. I'm not trying to attract others to spend dollars in an expensive place.  This is my experience. This is my happy place. 

When I say "I'm tired," here, it's a good tired. The kind that lets you know you've had a full day of experiences that will fill your memory for a lifetime. It's a tired that doesn't say, "I can't go on." It's a tired that says, "I hope tomorrow leaves me this tired, because I'll have covered a lot of ground." 

There's a difference between a full heart that carries the delight of happiness and a heart that carries the weight and pressure of every day life. We all need a little of this Disney Magic in our lives. 

Until next time Disney!

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