Saturday, January 3, 2015

'Twas the Night Before Travel

I hope you have had an amazing start to your New Year. I know I am because....


It's very exciting because we will be using Magic Bands for the first time during our trip. I will definitely be reporting back to let you know the ups, downs, and surprises of this system, but right now, I am enjoying the eve before our trip.

In honor, so to speak, of the excitement that is bubbling up at my house, I thought I would share something really great that Judy Dulberg, one of our writers, wrote for this very moment. It's a take on a holiday classic that most of us are very familiar with. Enjoy!!

‘Twas the night before travel
And all through the house
Anticipation was building
To go see the mouse
The tickets were packed
The luggage was too
It was time to turn in,
But excitement just grew
Vitamins were taken
And bills were all filed
For this middle-aged mind
With the heart of a child
We entered the airport
Past the traffic and hassle
Which was all left behind
With one glimpse of the castle
So much joy in one place
Is a real gem, indeed
Especially with passes
Made of magical speed
Reservations were made
So no standing in line
No wait would be had
Not to ride, view, or dine
Characters, fireworks
Shows, parades too
So synchronize watches
There’s so much to do.
Put on good shoes
And race to the park
There’s nothing but fun
From sunrise to dark
You have only one job here
Now roll up your sleeves
Then open your heart
And get set to Believe
Fasten your seatbelt
And get used to that smile
Everyone is a kid here
If just for a while
Then remember your trip
As you turn out the light -
Happy travels to all
And to all a good night…

©Judy Dulberg 2014

Good night and check our Instagram for new photos from the parks!
See you all real soon!!

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