Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrate Your Little Valentines With Disney Books

Happy Valentines Day!

I'll be celebrating with my nephews and the Princess tonight.
We plan on starting the night with a dinner and a show with the ever so romantic Lady and the Tramp, and of course. . .

Spaghetti Bella Notte!

After dinner, we're gonna get ready for bedtime and read two fun Disney books as we all snuggle up with doughnuts and cocoa.

A Magical Match includes 24 pages of adorable bunny reactions to a love potion from Sophia. The overall message behind the story? Don't meddle.

I have a huge appreciation for how many Minnie stories are very "Mary Poppins-esque". Be My Sparkly Valentine is no exception.  It's filled with fun, light hearted shenanigans. Just like Mary, Minnie takes everything with a "spoonful of Sugar" and it all turns out better than expected.

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