Saturday, February 14, 2015

Can you feel the love tonight?

Hey there, hi there Disney lovers!

Happy valentines day to you and yours, may it be filled with happiness and gratitude for all those special moments. My nephews and the Princess won't be here for most of the day, but we did set a special time and place to snuggle and celebrate for the later evening. I couldn't help myself so I had to set up and send them a little sneak peak so they'll be excited to come over!

We plan on starting the night with a dinner and a show with the ever so romantic Lady and the Tramp, and of course. . .
Spaghetti Bella Notte!

After dinner, we're gonna get ready for bedtime and read two very appropriate books as we all snuggle up with some doughnuts and cocoa.

A Magical Match  brought to you by Disney Book Group & Disney Storybook Art Team includes 24 pages of adorable bunny reactions to a love potion from Sophia.
The overall message behind the story? Don't meddle.
 (Really excited for the feedback from this tonight!)

Can I just say, I have a huge appreciation for how most Minnie stories are very "I love Lucy-esque". Be My Sparkly Valentine is no exception, it's just as filled with silly shenanigans and keeps true to the "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" theme. Just like Lucy (and Marry Poppins) Minnie takes everything with a spoonful of Sugar and it turns out better than expected.

What I'm most excited about though, because they're kids, (and kids say the darnedest things!) is sharing time. If it's as much of a success as I imagine it to be, we're definitely adding this to the repertoire of holiday traditions for years to come. Hopefully by keeping the focus on time well spent and loving messages, the spirit of Valentines will be stronger than just buying chocolates and calling it a day.

Feel free to leave your own cute valentines day activities and reactions! We love to read them. :)

Until next time, see you real soon!

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