Thursday, February 12, 2015

Story Time with the Princess Palace Pets, Daddo and Thumper

The past couple of weeks I've had some trouble figuring out how to engage one of my younger nephews when it comes to reading time. At first I'll admit I felt a little in over my head because- what do you do with a rambunctious 4 year old who thinks grown ups solely exist for impromptu wrestling and juice fetching? It turns out Disney Publishing came to the rescue just when I needed it! 

Like most kids Little Wrestler has a soft spot for pets, especially cute pets who belong to his favourite princesses! Admittedly he couldn't read a long but he had a blast coming up with his own stories as he flipped the little cardboard pages to the next page that had a little patch to play with. 
I more than enjoyed his versions (he "read" each book three times), my only regret is he went into story mode before I had a chance to capture the tales on camera. . . 

 "And the puppy ran up the stairs so she can nap on the rug, because she was tired."
 "Rapunzel kitty sniff-ed the flower so she can stay a baby forever."
 "BunnyBunny said I don't like cherries but mommy does.
So she picked all the cherries for mommy."

On his next visit he asked if he could read to me again, and we were both excited when I pulled out a familiar face from the bookshelf. This time, after he read the story to me, I sat back and read it to him. He enjoyed following along and finding the different patches to feel on. Although, it is adorably obvious though how much he enjoys making his own stories.
 "Daddy Hugglemonster makes pancakes!"
"Oooooh he's going to be in trouble for playing with all the papers!"

We took a small juice break before going on to the next book. Thumper  Goes A-Thumpin was an interesting change because really interacts with hearing more so than feeling (the thumping motion is up for debate at our house).  Little Wrestler enjoyed this story as much, if not more than Thumper seems to. Every time we got to the "thumping" part he broke out into giggles and tried to thump with his own foot while I pulled the lever to make the sound. 
"Is this book about dancing?"
"The froggy didn't want to get stepped on so he had to go home for dinner."

Princess Palace Pets  have 10 pages of touch-and-feel fun and are recommended for the ages of 3-5. They're all available now thanks to the Disney Book Group.
Berry the Bunny for Snow White
Summer the Kitten for Rapunzel
Teacup the Pup for Belle

Daddo in Charge is brought to you by Sheila Sweeney Higginson who made sure to include 12 entertaining pages of Daddo-shenanigans.

Thumper Goes A-Thumpin is by Laura Driscoll and is actually a newer addition to the Disney Bunnies series which originally included 12 mini-books for toddlers about Thumper and his family.
All in all, it has been a successful round of reading sessions and I really can't wait to see how he'll react  to the next book. I'm equally interested in what your own little story-tellers come up with when they get their hands on these books!

See you real soon,
Nesa <3 

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