Monday, February 23, 2015

Joffrey's Tea & Coffee Company Review and Giveaway

I gotta say, I'm very excited about today's review and giveaway.

Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company started off 30 years ago. They have a passion for their product and only use 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans for their coffees and the finest leaves to produce their teas and tisanes. They began their relationship with the Disney Parks when they were operated a single Kiosk in Disney's Typhoon Lagoon in 1995. Now, their coffees and teas can be found everywhere in the Disney Parks, Cruise Ships and even the Disney Vacation Club. They offer new drinks every quarter so you will never have the same flavor during your visits to the multitude of Disney properties.

After hearing back from my inquiry with Joffrey's about sampling their coffee, I was excited to see the box arrive with the familiar purple logo printed on it. Upon opening the box, one thing was clear. Their product was so fresh that the aroma of fresh coffee grind filled the air.

Joffrey's sent over a complimentary bag of their 30th Anniversary Blend. This blend is a masterful mix of Papau New Guinea Nebilyer Valley A/X and Organic Bali Blue Moon beans (translation: deliciousness in a cup). 

On each bag, Joffrey's offers a set of instructions on how to best enjoy their delectable beverages. For every 6 ounces of water, one should add two table spoons of the grounded coffee. If you are like me, you probably have a "coffee scooper" that measures to 1/8 cup. Feel free to use this tool as it as 1/8 cup converts to the necessary 2 table spoons.

For those of you who follow us regularly on social media, you know that I love to share photos of my "morning fuel". I normally add cream and sugar immediately to my coffee. However, because the smell was so good, I decided to try it with out any additional flavors. It was quite yummy and had a smooth chocolaty finish. After a few sips, I added my usual amounts of cream and sugar. The taste was superb.

Of course, what a would a review post be
without photo of someone trying it. :)
Now, for the exciting part of the post. Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company also offered a complimentary bag of coffee for us to give away to you, our awesome readers!! Not only does Joffrey's create their own brand of yummy flavors, but they also are the company behind some of the coffee flavors at your favorite Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Restaurants. This week we will be giving away a 16oz bag of whole bean coffee from Walt Disney World's Artist Point restaurant at Wilderness Lodge. Check out the Rafflecopter giveaway box below to enter for your chance to win this delicious giveaway.

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