Sunday, May 27, 2012

Picture Hop: Kungaloosh

Today's featured photo comes from Debra who runs one of my favorite Facebook fan pages, Kungaloosh! Debra enjoys seeking out the interactive, immersive and innovative at Disney theme parks! You can find some of Debra's fabulous writing on Chip & Company and Examiner. To follow more of Debra's adventures become a fan of Kungaloosh, her Facebook page, and while you are at it  follow her on Twitter

Of her photo Debra says:
One reason why I love the Disney parks is the attention to detail in every corner. Not only does it mean there are new things to discover every trip, but it make each picture different. This photo may not capture all of Sleeping Beauty castle, but I like that one of Aurora’s forest friends is still watching over her.
I could not agree with Debra more! I love this shot and I just love love love out of the ordinary areas captured on film! 

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