Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enter to win a $125 Disney Gift Card & more!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is a larger version of the rules which can be found in the Rafflecopter Widget above:
  1.  Please follow the rules closely and take your time with the rafflecopter
  2. If it says "tweet about the giveaway" more than once each tweet is a different phrase and needs to be tweeted separately.
  3. PLEASE post the link to your tweets in the rafflecopter so that they will qualify.
  4. Only the specific phrase generated by the rafflecopter widget counts as a tweet. You can not substitute your own version of the tweet or RT another person. 
    • Mandatory: Happy Birthday @DragynAlly!! Thank you League of Awesome Bloggers!!! #AvengersMonth #Giveaway
    • Extra points: 1) A $125 Disney gift card AND #Avengers prize pack?! The League of Awesome Bloggers rocks!!! #AvengersMonth #Giveaway 2) Happy Birthday @DragynAlly!!!! 
  5. All of the 14 mandatory entries must be completed for your entry to be counted. All other entries after the first 14 are completely optional and will only increase your chances.
  6. Any contestant that has not completed the 14 mandatory entries will forfeit all of their entries.
  7. Giveaway ends at midnight May 15. Winner will be announced via the Rafflecopter widget and blog post at


  1. Happy Birthday DragynAlly . Hope it is Magical.

  2. Happy Birthday DragynAlly! My favorite is Iron Man. Love the sarcastic humor.

  3. Happy Birthday @DragynAlly!!!!

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  5. Happy Birthday @DragynAlly!!
    My favorite Avengers are Thor and Hawkeye.

  6. Happy Birthday DragynAlly!!!! My fave is Iron Man. I love me some Robert Downey Jr!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite Avenger is Captain America because...well have you seen him? I'm also partial to Black Widow, but that's because I just played her in a music video.

  8. My favorite Avenger is Black Widow because she kicks butt!! Happy Birthday DragynAlly!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, DragynAlly!!!! My favorite is Thor and Hawkeye.

  10. Happy birthday DragynAlly! I can't decide between Iron Man and Captain America... >_<