Thursday, May 24, 2012

50 Days of Disneyland

Knowing that my upcoming trip to Disney World would be following soon thereafter with the Review/Final Exam crunch at work and then the school year would be followed by a 4 day conference in California (yes, with a stop in Disneyland) and that basically before I know it I will have blinked and gone from Memorial Day to Independence Day I decided to run a 50 day series paying homage to the land that started it all-- DISNEYLAND! I often feel like Disneyland Resort is under-represented in blogs and I hope WDW fanatics will stick by for the ride! There are so many similarities you are sure to be able to comment or learn a thing or two about things you love in the World! I hope you all enjoy seeing the pictures and reading along as much as I have enjoyed putting this together!

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