Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2011: One Year Ago Today- Part 2

One Year Ago Today... Friday April 30th 2011

Today was a DECA Day at Disney so we have official busing to and from the parks.  We chose Magic Kingdom to start the day and even though we had originally thought about going back to Epcot we ended up staying here until the buses came to get us around 8:00pm.

We started off checking out the then-brand-new character meet and greet.  I was happily surprised it was walk through and we met the lovely princesses.  Once we got out to Main Street we realized the place was empty (by Disney standards at least).

We headed for Frontierland and round Splash and Big Thunder Mountain walk-on.  Then as we were heading through to ride Haunted Mansion we encountered Frontier Donald which was a first for me.

Next we made our way into Fantasyland.  We rode Philharmagic first, then Pooh, Snow White, and Mad Tea Party.  All with waits under 5 minutes! We were thrilled.  We stopped for a snack (premium ice cream bars) and then rode Peter Pan with some FPs we had nabbed earlier.  On our way out we headed over to check out Beast's Castle and the Fantasyland Expansion.  I nearly peed myself with excitement like a little toy poodle.  I then texted, Facebook uploaded, and even emailed some pics of the construction before we stopped for lunch at Pinocchio's Village Haus.

While we were eating there was a castmember walking around with a Pinocchio marionette that I wish I had nabbed a picture of.  How cute is that??

After lunch we headed back to Main Street because the student I was with wanted to do some shopping.  I mostly sat on a bench and people watched while texting my hubby how much I love him and wished he were there. :)

We headed back into Tomorrowland to hit all our faves (I should have mentioned the student I was with was also a Disney vet) but first caught a showing of Dream Along with Mickey.  We rode People Mover, Buzz, and Stitch's Great Escape.  We were having such luck we hadn't even thought to FP Space Mountain and when we headed over there was only a 10 minute wait! Lucky us! It was a closer to 15 minutes but nonetheless we hopped on.  I sat in the front for the first time! Yeow!

My camera died somewhere around this time.  It was close to 5 or 6 though and we made our way to Adventureland and rode Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and visited the Tiki Room.  Afterwards we headed back to Main Street, I made a quick stop at the bakery for some breakfast yummies for the next day and eventually right back out to our hotel just in time to change quickley and head to opening ceremony. Afterwards we grabbed a late dinner in the lobby of soup and salad before I signed the student in for curfew and headed to bed.

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