Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wish by Matthew Cordell- Book Review

Have you been looking for the perfect Father's Day gift?  Perhaps you need something for a baby shower or a christening?  I am a big fan of giving books as keepsakes.  Once in a while a book comes along that is so special it has the power to speak to everyone.

WISH written and pleasantly illustrated by Matthew Cordell is that book.
WISH's target audience is children aged three to five but I beg you to read it and I dare you not to cry.

Family is at the heart of WISH.  Mr. Cordell takes us on the sweet and touching life journey of two young elephants.  The couple builds a wonderful life together in preparation of eventually welcoming a child into their family.  Time passes but having a baby proves to be the biggest challenge of the couple's lives.

WISH particularly resonates if your family has struggled with infertility or has been blessed by adoption.  I plan on giving this book to my seven year old son as part of his birthday present this year.  As an adoptive parent, this book clearly and simply brought to life the emotions in my heart the first time I held my son as illustrated in my favorite pages below.

WISH From Disney Hyperion Publishing speaks to everyone.  Moms, dads, grandparents, adults, teens and children. Anyone who has a child, has wanted a child or has been a child will find WISH to be a powerful, emotional and uplifting read.  WISH makes the perfect gift for EVERY child who is loved, was WISHed for and hopefully will remain one at heart for their lifetimes.

Thanks Disney Publishing for sending a complimentary copy for me to read and enjoy. 

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