Friday, June 5, 2015

Bippity Boppity Bed Bugs: My Magical Spring Break at the Swan

I know, I know.... Bed Bugs... Magic??

As many loving fans have wondered, when the site changed hands it came with a big personal change for me.  Last year I got divorced.  (Before you go saying "I'm  so sorry!", think twice and remember in most cases it is "Congratulations on choosing happiness!" are in order.) My ex-husband and I had traveled to Disney Parks many times and I had to get myself back to good before I could get back to my Disney roots. I had visited Disney World eight times between 2006 and 2013 as well as making it out to Disneyland twice.  With the interim between trips a lot had changed and I was ready for it! When one of my closest friends suggested Disney World for Spring Break in the fall I was ready and jumped right on it.  And so it went.

We stayed at the Swan using my Starwood Preferred Guest Points (covered our entire hotel cost!) and then found cheap flights and being a DVC member she got us discount passes and we purchased Tables in Wonderland when we got in.  All in all, for a high-end moderate hotel category we were VERY pleased with the location and amenities.  We went to the pool, had to talk to the front desk a few times (more than one which ended in free drink cards or room credits), and ate in both the Swan and the sister hotel, the Dolphin.

My friend requested a second blanket, she was using the pullout couch in our room and was cold our 3rd night.  The next day on our way to Animal Kingdom I mentioned I had gotten a bug bite on my foot which I thought was odd and she realized what she had been itching on her arm were also bug bites! We googled and read and returned to the hotel where they addressed our concerns, moved our room, washed our clothes and luggage, and credited us 3 nights worth of Starwood points for the trouble.  The whole process was under 2 hours and although no one ever admitted it, we were smart enough to know that the Swan having bed bugs had less to do with their cleanliness and more to do with the travelers who had visited.

We visited during Spring Break (my last trip before this was Spring Break 2013) and as I have always felt during busy times, the parks are manageable as long as you use fast passes, have dining reservations, and pace yourselves.  Flower and Garden festival is an amazing time to visit Epcot and it was the perfect time to rekindle my love affair with Disney Parks.  I think this trip could serve as a good reminder to all that every vacation can be the perfect vacation as long as you are having fun, with people you love, and not taking anything too seriously.  Something goes wrong? Take a deep breath.  This too shall fastpass.

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