Saturday, June 13, 2015

Vanellope Von Schweetz Sugar Rush Birthday Party

(Can you believe she was made by hand? Out of hard core styrofoam!)
What's better than a Sugar Rush Birthday party? 
One f
eaturing a 3ft tall Vanellope Von Schweetz!

The kids had a blast "going Ralph" on the candy station. . .

Guests set their creativity in motion at the "Race Car Shop".

Here are some of the sweet details:
  • Candy station complete with gumballs, Haribo gummy bears, Marshmallow twists, Smarties, Twix, Kit-Kats, Snickers . . .honestly so many different types of candies that I can't even remember them all . . .
  • Purple cupcakes with character rings on them.
  • Cookies as wheels. . .  (because rolling them into your mouth is the best!)
  • The cute little faces on the crowd of onlooking candies.
  • The awesome cake!!  

Needless to say, the "candy" bar is set pretty high for next year!

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  1. Everything looks amazing! Those cupcakes look so good!