Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sugar Rush Birthday!

Hey there, hi there! How are you wonderful world of Picturing Disney?

I'm so excited to finally share this Sugar Rush Birthday party with you, featuring a 3ft tall Vanelope Von Schweetz! 

(Can you believe she was made by hand?! Out of some hard core styrofoam!)

This party was the brain child of my boyfriend's daughter for her 7th birthday last October (I misplaced my memory card haha). We spent a few days going Pinterest crazy before handing the reigns over to her mama to bring it all to life, and man oh man did I die of cuteness when I saw the birthday girls face on her big day! Especially when she beamed with pride about how much she helped set up and put it all together.

When the kids weren't having a blast "going Ralph" on the candy station. . .


 they were putting their creativity in motion at the "Race Car Shop".



My favorite details from this day have got to be:
  • * Candy station complete with gumballs, Haribo gummy bears, Marshmallow twists, Smarties, Twix, Kit-Kats, Snickers . . .and honestly so many different types of candies that I can't even remember them all . .  
  • * Purple cupcakes with character rings on them.
  • * Using cookies as wheels. . .  (and then eating them).
  • * The cute little faces  on the crowd of onlooking candies.
  • * The awesome cake!!  

Needless to say, the bar is set pretty high for her 8th birthday party - and I'm getting psyched because it'll be dad's turn to blow her away and she already has her mind set on a Honey Lemon theme for her big 08 this year! BONUS: I'll get to take "behind the scenes" photos of all the awesome stuff being made. That being said I'll see you guys over on Pinterest for the planning!

Until next time, see ya real soon!
<3 Nesa

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