Monday, June 8, 2015

Inside Out: Enough Emotion to Fill Your Bookshelf!

In my opinion, while some people may fault them for their dominance and big business, Disney is constantly outdoing themselves when it comes to story and art.  With the release of the highly anticipated (seriously, I am 32 and CAN NOT wait!) new Disney Pixar film Inside Out Disney has released companion books for all ages!

The books Disney Publishing sent on over to me combine the emotion characters in movie tie-ins and stand alone books.  These are fantastic with their use of new art styles to depict a film that was CGI as well as for their adorable stories.

I was especially excited to see Jerrod Maruyama illustrating the Box of Emotions books.  I am a huge fan of pop artists and have followed him for a few years now (and picked up some of his art at Wunderland Gallery in Disneyland and D-Street in Disney World).  I could not be happier with these books and they surely can't wait to join your family!

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