Monday, December 30, 2013

Part Two 2006: I heart Cinderella's Castle

After we left the resort for the first time we headed to Epcot.  It was amazing to say the least.  We stopped in awe to look at Spaceship Earth.  We had a dinner reservation for Akershus so we headed right over.  I thought I would be weirded out by a real person “playing” princess but I nearly gasped when I saw my very favorite staring back at me- it was Belle.  We were in Disney World actually eating with the princesses.  Could it get any better than this?  Little did I know what lay ahead of me the following day.

As a tween I had never realized that the reason all of my favorite TGIF shows on the ABC Friday night line-up had gone off to Disney World because, in fact, Disney owned ABC and was using it as a marketing ploy.  And so when I first walked through the gates at Magic Kingdom I did, feel some strange sense of nostalgia.  I remembered when Michelle Tanner cut Stephanie in line and became princess for a day (when the hug music came on Michelle offered Stephanie her crown and there were two princesses for the parade), I remembered DJ picturing her boyfriend Steve as Indiana Jones, and I pictures Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow getting married. 

It did not take long for me to get out of the realm of 80s sitcoms and realize that I was in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  It was the best day of my life besides getting married and my niece being born and all that.  So what did we do?  We took pictures all the way up to the castle (together, of each other and of the castle itself) and then we headed to Fantasyland.  My first ride was Peter Pan’s Flight.  After that we made our way around the area and headed out towards the castle.  We ended up in Adventureland and headed up, eating at Pecos Bill’s for lunch.  After lunch we went back onto Main Street, towards the entrance and hopped the train to see Mickey and Minnie’s houses.  After all was said and done we headed to the Tomorrowland entrance to view the Parade (again I thought of Full House).  Once it ended we went for Stitch’s Great Escape and made our way through the other Tomorrowland rides that interested us. 

Next it was off to Epcot for dinner.  World Showcase meal #2 was Restaurant Marrakesh in Moracco.  Then we made a pitstop at the hotel for sweaters and made it back to Magic Kingdom in time for Spectromagic and Wishes.  I must say, back to the TV references.  Spectromagic was incredible and I am so glad I got to see it so many times before the switch back to Electric Light Parade. 

Neither of us knew what to expect when it came to the last two parks.  Rob had been to Disney once, Animal Kingdom wasn’t built yet and MGM wasn’t something he remembered well since he had been 7.  When we got to MGM we promptly bought “ears” from a vendor- mine like Stitch, his like Sorcerer Mickey.  Then it was straight up Hollywood Boulevard and around the corner to check the times for Indiana Jones and try out Star Tours.   While we waited for Indy we wandered around close by and were able to see MuppetVision and get some pictures with characters.  After we saw Indy which was all I had expected and more, we headed towards Mickey Avenue to check out all the animated stuff, we hit up Magic of Animation but somehow skipped the Animation Academy (my first time was February 2011).  For lunch we opted for lunch at ABC Commisionary but not before we tried the Great Movie Ride.  After lunch we wandered some more, missed the parade, and hopped on a couple more rides.

The last ride was the best.  My boyfriend (now husband) does not like rollercoasters, nay, he hates them.  I promptly lied to him and told him that the Rock’n Rollercoaster wasn’t so bad.  He asked if it was inside- I lied and said that it was just a wall and he asked if there were loops and I said no way.  I am lucky he was such a good sport.  That and the fact that he couldn’t stop laughing when he heard Steven Tyler yelling “Threee, Twooo, Oneeee” before we were off.  It was a great end to a long day at the park so we grabbed some mickey-shaped ice cream pops on the way out. 

Next stop was our World Showcase Dinner #3- Mexico.  This was by far our favorite of the all the World Showcases that we had eaten at.  And afterwards we grabbed another quick Margarita at the stand outside.  Oh, and I can’t forget that we fast passes Soarin’ on our way in and got to go ride it on the way out- it was AMAZING and still one of our favorites!

The next morning, we went to Animal Kingdom.  My excitement the last few days had caught up with me.  I had been up at 5am for Magic Kingdom and around 6 for MGM… I couldn’t help it my body just woke me up at that time.  I was tired.  We got up closer to 7:30 and made our way to the food court and then the park.  Animal Kingdom was great for a day when we had woken up tired.  We made our way through the Oasis nice and slow watching and taking pictures of all the animals.  I must say we didn’t accomplish quite as much here as the other parks since we were both tired and not as interested.  We skipped Dinoland all together and spent the day doing Maharajah Jungle Trek, Kilimanjaro Sarafis, Pangani Forest Exploration and eating at the Flame Tree BBQ for lunch.

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