Monday, December 2, 2013

Once Begun is Half Done: Why I love Mary Poppins!

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Peach. Enjoy the ride as we share our tribute to Mary Poppins in anticipation of the release of Disney's Saving Mr. Banks! 

I have always loved me some Mary! My sister and I used to pretend our toys were putting themselves away and we used to sing feed the birds if my mom ever let us throw old stale bread crumbs off our porch. We loved Mary (and Julie for that matter) and as I got older I realized how important some of the lessons I learned in Mary Poppins were... not just about hard work ("in every job that must be done there is an element of fun"), responsibility ("once begun is half done"), socio-economic differences, and the power of a wonderful imagination... but the idea that stuck with me the most is when Bert (also love Dick Van Dyke) said: 
They makes cages in all sizes and shapes, you know. Bank-shaped, some of 'em, carpets and all.
I think this stands out to me more as an adult but I loved all the interactions with Bert and to this day Mary & Bert may be my all time favorite Disney couple.  I see people caged every day it and makes me feel somehow sad but also uncontrollably happy to know how free I am.  If you are one of the caged people out there, whether that is a bank-shaped, cubicle-shaped, credit card-shaped, or even just lonely-shaped cage let today be your day and set yourself free. Reach for the stars! 

As for merry Mary memories.  I cherish my time seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway even more after my grandmother passed away this summer.  I remember how elated she was when we stepped off the train in Manhattan and how she smiled as we walked from Grand Central to the theatre.  My mother, sister, grandmother, and I had the perfect day... after all when Mary is involved how could it not have been practically perfect in every way?

And to wrap things up here is the dialogue from one of my favorite scenes:

Bert: All right, I'll do it myself!
Mary Poppins: Do what?
Bert: Bit o' magic!
Michael: A bit of magic?
Bert: It's easy! Let's see... You think. You wink You do a double blink. You close your eyes... and jump.
Jane: Is something s'posed to happen?

Mary Poppins: Bert, what utter nonsense!
Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple? Give me your hand please, Michael. Don't slouch. One... two...

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